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Finasteride: Long-term survival of participants in prostate cancer prevention trial detailed

New findings reported in NEJM on August 15, 2013, based on follow-up of trial participants for up to 18 years, showed that survival of the men on finasteride was equivalent to men who did not take the drug and the reduction in risk of prostate cancer persists. Among nearly 19,000 eligible men who underwent randomization, prostate cancer was diagnosed in 10.5 percent of those in the finasteride group and 14.9 percent of those in the placebo group, a 30 percent reduction in risk…

What are the habits susceptible to cancer?

Smoking decompression →Lung Cancer A person smoking, he affected not only one’s own health, because research shows the dangers of passive smoking on the human body directly comparable to smoking, passive acceptance of the children’s “passive smoking” after the more dangerous. In addition to smoking is lung cancer incidence and mortality in recent years, the… Read More »