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Growth signal can influence cancer cells’ vulnerability to drugs, study suggests

“There are several reasons why some cancer stem cells, the cells at the root of tumors and metastases, can withstand therapy meant to eradicate them. Our results point to the importance of the environment immediately surrounding the skin cancer stem cells, specifically, their exposure to the signal TGF-β,” says senior researcher Elaine Fuchs. “Ultimately, we hope this new insight could lead to better means for preventing the recurrence of these life-threatening cancers, which can occur in the skin, head, neck, esophagus, and lung, and often evade treatment.” Her team, which included first author Naoki Oshimori, a postdoctoral research associate in the lab and lab technician Daniel Oristian, focused on squamous cell carcinomas in the skin of mice. Like many normal tissue stem cells, the stem cells that produce squamous cell tumors can be classified into two types: those that divide and proliferate rapidly, and those that do so more slowly. …

Clearest new pictures of immune cells

They show how the cells, which are responsible for fighting infections and cancer in the human body, change the organisation of their surface molecules, when activated by a type of protein found on viral-infected or tumour cells. Professor Daniel Davis, who has been leading the investigation into the immune cells, known as natural killers, said the work could provide important clues for tackling disease…

5 siblings may all need heart transplants

Two of Jason and Stacy Bingham's young children have required heart transplants and the other three are facing the same fate. The Oregon couple thought they had their fair share of bad luck when 6-year-old Sierra got a transplant due to her failing heart. Six years later they were devastated to find out that 8-year-old daughter Lindsey would also require a heart transplant. Lindsey had presented with stomach pains and difficulty breathing, and her face and stomach were swollen. The children suffer from rare genetic condition affects approximately six out of every 1 million kids under 18 each year. It is a disease called dilated cardiomyopathy, which makes the heart increasingly weaker - and larger, as it tries to compensate. “At the time when the older sister was first diagnosed, not much was known about the genetics that can cause these defects,” the family's cardiologist Dr Daniel Bernstein told TODAY.com. “Today there are genetic tests.” So the Binghams got their children tested. Their son Gage, 4, has already had a pacemaker installed and will likely need a heart transplant at some point. Their 10-year-old Megan has shown a minor heart abnormality while 6-year-old Hunter is yet to display any problems, but given the family history it is something that he too will possibly face at some point. Click for more from news.com.au. To help the Bingham, visit http://www.heartsforbinghams.org/ or follow their blog http://jasonandstacybingham.blogspot.com/.source : http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/06/06/5-siblings-may-all-need-heart-transplants/