What are the treatment of pancreatic cancer

By | January 2, 2012

Variety of pancreatic cancer treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and other traditional treatment methods, there are biological therapy, hormonal therapy, physical therapy (including frozen and high-frequency ultrasonic coagulation) and combination therapy.
(1) Surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer treatment
The current treatment of pancreatic cancer surgery is still the only effective treatment. However, because early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer difficult, surgical resection is low, the total resection of pancreatic cancer was only 5% -10%, and the very small number of patients with pancreatic cancer only to be recovered, the median survival after resection of only 17 – 20 months.
(2) pancreatic cancer radiation therapy treatment
Radiation therapy for unresectable pancreatic cancer with preoperative radiotherapy or surgical resection increased opportunities and intraoperative and postoperative adjuvant therapy, relief from pain and other palliative treatment of jaundice. The way the radiation therapy appears to improve the prognosis of pancreatic cancer, intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) is a way better than external beam radiotherapy, three-dimensional implantation of radioactive particles which have become a very effective treatment. Intensity modulated radiation therapy can reduce the radiation dose and increase therapeutic effect.
(3) chemical treatment of pancreatic cancer treatment
Clinical diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, most have reached the late stage, unresectable, chemotherapy can reduce symptoms, remission of disease, chemotherapy can also be made part of the surgical treatment of patients with access to opportunities. Recent studies have shown that the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation of changes in signal transduction pathways in cancer plays a key role, in which growth factors in pancreatic cancer development, invasion and metastasis of widespread attention. Many growth factor receptors are tyrosine kinase Ctyrosine kinase, TK) activity, through phosphorylation of proteins within the cell stage, thereby regulating and tumor proliferation, differentiation, invasion and metastasis of signal transduction pathways.
(4) Endoscopic treatment of pancreatic cancer treatment
Endoscopic treatment of pancreatic cancer at advanced stage obstructive yellow plague, duodenal obstruction, persistent Q: abdominal pain and other complications of palliative treatment. Endoscopic biliary stent drainage can be reduced.
(5) gene therapy for pancreatic cancer treatment
In recent years, gene therapy is hot and hope for cancer treatment. Gene therapy include: tumor suppressor gene replacement therapy, gene directed prodrug activation therapy and antisense nucleotide import, immune toxin therapy and cytokines.
From the last few years of clinical experience, a single surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer are not ideal. The number of treatment methods to improve cancer treatment combined effect of the most promising approach. Such as radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy, gemcitabine, the cells were arrested in Gl phase of the radiation-sensitive, radiation therapy can increase the sensitivity of pancreatic cancer, cytokines, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy in combination, can play a synergistic role. Pancreatic carcinoma in the adjuvant chemotherapy also help to improve the prognosis of patients.

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