Treatment of pleural effusion

By | January 19, 2012

Treatment of pleural effusion
Normal visceral pleura from the chest and the parietal pleura to form a closed compartment, called the pleural cavity, within which a small amount of non-protein 10 — 30 ml of liquid into the favor of breathing exercises (a lubricant), these fluids also dynamic, with the arterial capillaries leaking, then return venous capillaries and lymphatic vessels, to maintain homeostasis. When the balance is disrupted for some reason, that can produce pleural effusion.
Lung Cancer Treatment of pleural effusion, pleural effusion in lung cancer patients is the most common complication of the mechanism of generating a direct violation of the most common pleural tumor or tumor metastasis in the pleura widely, so that the pleural surface, increased capillary permeability, a large number of body fluids leaking into the chest, resulting in malignant effusion.
Another form is due to extensive mediastinal lymph node metastasis, lymphatic obstruction caused by reflux, mostly transudate (pleural fluid composition normal), and thus not part of malignant pleural effusion. The main symptoms of pleural effusion is a transient chest pain, rapid increase with pleural effusion, chest pain eased, replaced by dyspnea, cough port models, shortness of breath after activities such as performance. With the increase of pleural effusion, the patient may appear not supine or suffering from the side (the side of the formation of pleural effusion) lateral position, a large pleural effusion with considerable loss of plasma proteins, leading to rapid weight loss patients, quality of life dramatically.
Treatment of lung cancer with pleural effusion, so if it is found the formation of malignant pleural effusion, II prepared bed should immediately begin to control pleural fluid therapy, the basic control of pleural effusion to be carried out after the systemic treatment. Small cell lung cancer malignant pleural effusion disappeared after chemotherapy, often in the body.
Most widely used clinical drugs, primarily lung cancer with pleural effusion dropsical disease pill , pill quick heave disease, treatment of short, high cure rate, non-toxic side effects. Can quickly reduce the edema, ascites, edema, oliguria, eyes puffy face embolism, patients took about 20 days the symptoms completely disappeared after consolidation therapy can swollen recurrent disease for many years a one-time cure for edema.
Dropsical disease diuretic pill palliative swept away, and the drawbacks of high toxicity, the use of euphorbia-based medicine, effectively cracking, clear water, toxic protein, the destruction of their adhesion and water absorption, balance the effectiveness of water and salt metabolism, and complete cut edema, swelling of the root causes of breeding, from a fundamental cure edema and swollen disease. Has entered the national pharmacopoeia, and in strict accordance with the national GMP standard. It can eliminate water toxic protein to balance rapid treatment of water and salt metabolism swollen disease.

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