Treatment of cancer with more than

By | October 21, 2011

Most tumors are oncoming emergency, rapid development, rapid tumor growth, the characteristics of short duration, therefore, the treatment generally avoid "single-handedly", unilateral single drug, and focus on multi-method integration of multi-drug combination, is the treatment of tumors combined.
Treatment of tumors combined (1) the combination of internal and external governance: both malignant systemic disease, localized disease is, therefore, inside and outside can increase the efficacy of combination treatment is often. When the tumor specimens of all emergency patients when the card, you can treat them the oral, topical treat the symptoms. Such as liver cancer, pain, and even more, the available oral cancer, external treatment and pain relief, a combination of both, treating the symptoms. Also some tumor growth at the surface or with the outside world, such as skin cancer, gynecological cancer, tumors and other features in addition to medication, can also be directly in the external treatment of local tumor, direct elimination of tumor, so that better efficacy.
Treatment of tumors combined (2) drug therapy combined with psychotherapy: mental factor not only in the tumor plays an important role in the progression of the disease, is also in the treatment of a part can not be ignored. In drug treatment, while patients with emphasis on mobilizing the enthusiasm to fight cancer, enhance the confidence of cancer, can often play a multiplier effect.
Treatment of tumors combined (3) Differential Treatment of combined treatment with the characteristics of our people in the long term z and the fight against cancer, and accumulated a lot of unilateral, prescriptions, etc., in addressing some of these herbs are not only cancer syndromes have a certain effect , but also the simple, local materials. Therefore, in the diagnosis and treatment at the same time and then use a number of unilateral remedies, and can increase the efficacy of each other, but also to achieve complementary objectives.
Treatment of tumors combined (4) Integrative Medicine: Integrative Medicine can learn from each other to achieve better therapeutic effects, Chinese special attention to the overall function of the adjustment, put great emphasis on the body's own defense capabilities cancer, Chinese medicine can be a variety of treatment methods enhance immune function, change the body's internal environment and conditions, so that the cancer under control, many patients with tumors tend to survive.
However, although the Chinese medicine treatment can inhibit tumor growth, the smaller the tumor, but tumors rarely complete remission; and Western surgery or radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, cancer can often eliminate the local lesion, or the tumor was significantly reduced, However, these anti-cancer treatment in the same time, and also damage normal tissue and produce a series of side effects, which can not adhere to treatment, or even instead of the patient's Survival. Therefore, the combination of TCM treatment, can learn from each other and improve efficacy.

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