The difference between gallbladder cancer and gallbladder polyps

By | May 5, 2012

The difference between gallbladder cancer and gallbladder polyps, gallbladder polyps and early gallbladder significant element on both clinical symptoms and signs, the majority of overtime during the physical examination do B, only to find a gallbladder or suspected gallbladder cancer -like changes. This gives the clinical diagnosis and differential diagnosis has brought some difficulties. Gallbladder polyps and gallbladder cancer early there are many similarities: both can have gastrointestinal symptoms one by one loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, tired of greasy food. May also have right upper quadrant discomfort, pain, or pain. The difference is: in the late gallbladder disease may be yellow, right upper quadrant mass and cachexia; and gallbladder polyps were multiple yellow disease, right upper quadrant mass, cachexia does not occur.
Laboratory tests such as liver function tests, tumor markers, DNA flow cytometry analysis to help gallbladder diagnosis. Computer polyps or cancer ultrasound observation color flow within the element may be the most common clinical differentiated cholesterol polyps. For larger tumors, row CT enhancement, tumor enhancement scan can help the diagnosis of gallbladder cancer. Application of B ultrasound-guided puncture cytology probes to identify the gallbladder and gallbladder polyps. Follow-up in the B-process, slow growth of gallbladder polyps, there is no mucosal invasion; and gallbladder cancer grow faster, and there is infiltration of the surrounding mucous membrane changes. When the polyps surrounding the recent rapid growth or when the mucosa is considered invasive cancer occurred, surgical treatment should be as soon as possible.
Gallbladder polyp is found it should be treated with surgery? Answer is no. Gallbladder information, meat is benign gallbladder generally not cancerous. Usually, slow growth of gallbladder polyps, multiple obvious clinical symptoms, even if may have gastrointestinal symptoms, usually only do symptomatic treatment, many can achieve satisfactory clinical results.
The following changes occur when the gallbladder polyp surgery may be considered: diameter greater than 1 cm above the single polyps; age more than 60 years of age and those symptoms; combined cholecystitis, cholelithiasis; B super-short-term follow-up there increased significantly around the mucosa or polyps infiltration.
The difference between gallbladder cancer and gallbladder polyps, gallbladder surgery polyps should pay attention to two aspects: surgery frozen section should be done, if they should be confirmed gallbladder gallbladder Triangle Organization, hilar lymph nodes and liver duodenal intestinal ligament lymph node dissection. B-should be followed up, pay attention to tumor recurrence.
In conclusion, gallbladder polyps to master surgical indications, follow-up of B-to do well.

4 thoughts on “The difference between gallbladder cancer and gallbladder polyps

  1. Nancy Friel

    Had lap chole for g.b Polyp.grown (according to the surgeon)2.4.then 6 mm.3 ultrasounds. The second doctor said at the second U.S it was unusual but it had got smaller ( so how did second U.S get to 4 if the second U,S was smaller than the first ..?.i mentioned this to surgeon,which fell on deaf ears,,told him just to leave it..he said he was concerned it could be cancer,,and I couldn’t get US for 6 months to see if it had grown..also asked if there was any way to test it.he replied,” not till I take it out and put it in a pot..after a few days with the thought of cancer in my head.i phoned and asked to be scheduled in for surgery…which turned out to be cholesterol polyp..I now feel this surgery was completely unnecessary…the scare factor was used..I had absolutely no symptoms before the polyp was found I’ve now lost over a stone in weight ( now 6 stone 4.. Looking and feeling unwell and very depressed..I was given no info of after affects .ridiculous.

  2. Cj

    Hi Nancy, I am sitting right now in the hospital after talking to the doctor about my 11mm gallbladder polyps. I feel quite hesitant about the surgery that he recommended so we agreed that I will have an ultrasound after 6 months and see how it goes. I’m glad I am reading your comment right now cause it makes me feel better about my decision of giving myself more time of that surgery cause the doctor said that it could already be 14mm by that time. I think I will try Dr Morse herbs and hope for a positive result.

  3. Collean Mottley

    Hi Nancy, My mind is in turmoil presently over being told that I have a 0.8cm gallbladder polyp and that I have to remove my gallbladder since it is possible it can become cancerous. I am a retired surgical Nurse and have always dreaded this happening to me. What choice do I have? Pathology cannot be known until after surgery.
    I am interested in knowing what problems are you encountering since your cholecystectomy?
    Actually, I am scared. I just want this thing gone.

  4. Joy

    Help i have 0 85cm gallbladder polyps is there any treatment without surgery im scared please help


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