The development of cancer treatment

By | January 4, 2012

The development of cancer treatment, based on our clinical observation, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy is still the Western present the three main methods of cancer treatment, for the adaptation surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy does have good results. However, due to the lack of radiation and chemical drugs selectively kill cancer cells in the suppression also damage normal cells, can cause local or systemic toxicity or side effects, as can damage the bone marrow, gastrointestinal epithelium and central nervous system; the development of cancer treatment, as well as chemical drugs on the heart, liver and kidney function has some damage effect; ray and a small number of chemicals used on the skin and its annexes can be direct or indirect damage effects (such as dermatitis, hair loss), the toxicity and side effects, the light self-healing, severe effects, or even discontinuation of treatment.
Surgical treatment of cancer can damage organs and tissues of internal organs, causing trauma bleeding, postoperative patients often appear dizzy, Shenpi fatigue and other symptoms. And, regardless of surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, will seriously damage the immune function, if not completely eliminate foci, even one o'clock of cancer remission, can quickly relapse, or extensive transfer, resulting in serious consequences. If in radiotherapy, chemotherapy process, with Chinese medicine, not only can reduce or avoid adverse reactions, and the treatment will be smooth, and can enhance anti-cancer effects and improve clinical efficacy. In radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery, with the Chinese medicine can not only continue to play an anti-cancer effects, but also to promote recovery and enhance immune function, recurrence and metastasis to visit only to improve the cure rate. Therefore, in clinical work, and actively use in medicine and surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy combination treatment is essential.
The development of cancer treatment, Chinese medicine treatment of cancer has five characteristics:
1, Chinese medicine treatment can make the tumor surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, deficiencies. While surgery can cut cancer, but there are residual cancer or lymph node metastasis, or tumor thrombi in blood vessels there, etc., the use of Chinese medicine after long-term treatment to prevent recurrence and metastasis; radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment of gastrointestinal and hematopoietic system have considerable side effects, reduce the use of Chinese medicine treatment of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects, but also to enhance radiotherapy and chemotherapy effect, or can not for patients with advanced cancer surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, the ratio of the treatment of cancer Chinese medicine more than a foreign way.
2, has a strong overall concept. Although the growth of tumors in the body of a local, but in fact is a systemic disease. For most of the tumor patients, local treatment can not cure the problem solving, and traditional Chinese medicine as from the overall concept, the implementation of dialectical theory of governance, both considered part of treatment, but also the way to righting training, for improving the patient's local symptoms and systemic conditions have an important role.
3, does not affect the labor force. Cancer patients, while improving the local conditions, general conditions have improved, even for daily work.
4, the side effects. No bone marrow suppression side effects, digestive tract would not be seriously affected.
5, the development of cancer treatment, the economy is relatively cheap, and convenient to take

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