Surgical treatment of tumor

By | April 21, 2012

Surgical treatment of tumor, benign tumor of the surgical treatment of the principles of complete resection of the tumor to be removed in the capsule, when conditions permit, should also remove a small amount of normal tissue outside the capsule, postoperative pathological examination must be done, a clear diagnosis, prevention of cancer misdiagnosis.
First, the curative surgery, curative surgery is surgery include all of the tumor in the organ or tissue removal of most or all, if necessary, block the removal of lymph nodes around the site, called the eradication operation, such as breast cancer radical operation, that is, all the breast and pectoralis major, pectoralis minor muscle, together with underarm fat, lymphoid tissues en bloc resection, this approach can also be used for rectal cancer, cervical cancer, head and neck tumors.
Second, palliative surgery
Surgical treatment of tumor resection of primary tumor or the metastasis of less than radical, and do some simple operation, designed to prevent and relieve symptoms that may occur to improve the quality of life. Palliative surgical procedure used:
(1) a variety of lean manufacturing technique, such as gastrostomy thin, jejunum made thin, so thin colostomy.
(2) partial or total removal of the organ.
(3) intestinal anastomosis bypass.
(4) vessel ligation.
Surgical treatment of tumor, (5) nerve block technique.

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