Staging of gastric cancer treatment

By | April 17, 2012

Staging of gastric cancer treatment, cancer staging and effective treatment options are:
Advances in the treatment of early gastric cancer treatment advanced gastric cancer rehabilitation care treatment
1. Early gastric cancer treatment
Where early gastric cancer without lymph node metastasis, whether it is limited to the invasion and Craftiness Craftiness membrane or membrane, the radical surgery were Needless to any adjuvant therapy for tumors. Such as lymph node metastasis have been, you need to supplemented by chemotherapy, commonly used chemotherapy with FAM, FAP, EAP, etc., can be selected as appropriate.
Staging of gastric cancer treatment 2. The treatment of advanced gastric cancer
Advanced gastric cancer should strive for radical surgery. Clinical estimate of E, E of gastric cancer, especially larger tumors, poor differentiation, serosal invasion who may, under the conditions permit, can be made for preoperative radiotherapy to improve the resection rate and postoperative effect.
All advanced gastric cancer, whether or not for curative or palliative resection, and regardless of whether there is lymph node metastasis and postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy should be made, such as patients with systemic conditions permit, should strive to be combined with chemotherapy. Qualified medical unit, may have been radical resection of the E, E subjected to intraoperative radiotherapy in gastric cancer, in particular, lymph node metastasis in 2 points or only relative curative resection for patients should strive for intraoperative radiotherapy . Palliative resection for patients, such as intra-abdominal foci left more limited, the surgery this foci marked with silver clips for postoperative radiotherapy.
3. Treatment of advanced gastric cancer
N of patients with advanced gastric cancer that is. These patients, including recurrence but not been re-resection, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment of major applications, the specific programs the general condition of patients, heart, liver, kidney function, the site of tumor recurrence or metastasis and previous drug use, etc. to be used , if necessary, can be used for palliative surgery or radiotherapy.
Staging of gastric cancer treatment, 4. Gastric cancer rehabilitation care
Gastric cancer patients after treatment, it must be some rehabilitative care, including medical care, health care, mental care.

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