Preparatory work before the release of esophageal cancer treatment

By | March 21, 2012

Esophageal cancer treatment before release preparation (a) of the mental preparation
For patients with a certain understanding of radiation therapy to relieve patients of ideological concerns, and enhance the confidence to overcome the disease, for patients with. Physician must personally see, observe, ask the patient to understand the general conditions and past medical history to determine whether tolerance to radiotherapy, to obtain the patient's trust and cooperation.
Esophageal cancer treatment before release preparation (b) of the general condition
Poor nutritional status of patients with esophageal cancer, to try to correct the dehydration, so that patients eat, to ensure adequate fluid and calorie intake, individual patients can be made thinner stomach surgery, to ensure that nutritional intake, further radiotherapy. If anemia should be corrected; where respiratory and circulatory system disorders, should also be symptomatic treatment; such as with pregnancy and lactation, it is best to be terminated.
Esophageal cancer treatment before release preparation (c) local processing
Should pay attention to oral hygiene, Zhu Huanzhe more mouthwash. If thoracodorsal pain, fever, rapid pulse, leukocytosis and other symptoms, should consider merging esophageal perforation, may be appropriate to use antibiotics; radiation field to protect skin from cold, heat, and other, mechanical, physical, chemical irritants, quitting smoking to prevent respiratory complications; advance notice to reduce symptoms in patients with dysphagia, the should into the soft, liquid or semi-liquid diet, so as to avoid obstruction of the esophagus increased local reactions.
Esophageal cancer treatment before release preparation (d) a clear diagnosis
Radiation treatment of cancer only, but also damage normal tissues, so a clear diagnosis before radiotherapy, to obtain histopathological diagnosis as possible, strictly tentative indications of radiotherapy. Recent blood test, the main understanding of white blood cell count, blood platelet count, to prepare for radiation therapy in its review as control, to observe whether the radiotherapy-induced bone marrow suppression.
Esophageal cancer treatment before release preparation (e) Other
Patient ECG to be done to prevent radioactive myocardial damage. When the doctor at the irradiation site should not be labeled cook wipe, wash or scratch, not patching the like.

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