Postoperative radiotherapy for esophageal cancer

By | March 20, 2012

Postoperative radiotherapy 1. Indications
After surgical resection of esophageal cancer, more lymph node metastasis and / or significant foreign invasion and / or postoperative pathology reports of tumor remnants (preferably metal markers placed during surgery to facilitate the positioning). In addition there shortly after radical tumor recurrence within the chest or other parts of the lymph node metastasis.
Esophageal cancer after radiotherapy 2. Postoperative irradiation technology
Postoperative radiotherapy tumor bed irradiation method and the whole mediastinal irradiation dose of 60Gy / 6 weeks is appropriate. Supraclavicular lymph node drainage of the area and the upper abdominal lymph node viable prophylactic irradiation dose 55Gy/5_6 weeks. Weaker constitution, there is residual tumor, residual viable areas aligned Ono irradiation dose 60Gy/6_7 weeks. Occurred in the mediastinal or abdominal lymph node metastasis is also possible stereotactic radiotherapy. Taken to ensure that its tolerance dose of the spinal cord (part of the spinal cord irradiation 45Gy/4_5 weeks, sub-20_25 second exposure) below.
Postoperative radiotherapy 3. Esophageal cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy combined treatment
30 years, the survival rate of esophageal cancer after treatment no significant increase, localized disease, radiotherapy alone as high as 80% failure rate, in addition to strive for early diagnosis and early treatment, the control treatment of esophageal cancer localized disease, the key to success for the esophageal cancer. Since the discovery of DDP ,5-FU and BLM and other chemotherapy drugs have radiosensitizing effect since some scholars to explore the chemical drugs as radiosensitizer with radiotherapy in treatment of esophageal cancer, and has made some encouraging preliminary results.
Tang first class in 1987 reported radiotherapy and radiotherapy + Bleomycin and radiotherapy along ten pin, ten along lead ten Pingyangmycin radiotherapy randomized treatment of esophageal cancer 180 cases, radiation combined group more effective than chemotherapy radiotherapy alone group, especially cis-lead group is superior. As reported cases was small, follow-up time is shorter, integrated application of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the value of treatment of esophageal cancer is hard to definitely present, need further deep research.

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