Neck – upper abdominal incision introduction

By | March 22, 2012

Neck – upper abdominal incision presentation: neck – upper abdominal incision is non-thoracotomy. Non-thoracic surgery, including esophageal cancer and esophageal varus endarterectomy surgery pull out the two surgical procedures.
(1) by prolyl esophageal hiatus esophageal resection. The procedure was described in 1978 Oninger.
indications. Under this procedure for early esophageal cancer in 1 / 3, and cardiac surgery.
advantages. Without thoracotomy, surgical trauma. Anastomosis in the neck and chest to avoid a split within the thin chest caused by sepsis.
shortcomings. Mediastinal lymph node dissection can not. Applies only to select doors of early esophageal cancer and cancer surgery.
surgical operation. Patient supine, the abdominal incision into the abdominal cavity. Completely free stomach and esophageal hiatus open brain, used to separate the aorta and around the esophagus and adhesion. Following completion of the esophagus after the separation of the aortic arch, an oblique incision in the neck to do the bow on the neck and separation of the esophagus, the aortic arch at the meet, keep about 8cm cut cervical esophagus, the thoracic esophagus and the tumor returned to the abdomen, cut off the esophagus in the cardia and suture the stomach remnant population, and finally the stomach esophageal hiatus, mediastinal after that line the stomach for a cervical esophageal anastomosis.
Neck – upper abdominal incision introduction (2) pull out the surgery of esophageal inversion. The procedure is Ahyama report in 1975, Professor Huang Guojun at the earliest with this surgical treatment of early esophageal cancer.
indications. Mainly used in hypopharyngeal and cervical esophageal carcinoma and early esophageal cancer.
advantages. Thoracic surgery does not pull off, damage, time fast, poor lung function and for those with poor general condition.
shortcomings. Can not clear the mediastinal lymph nodes, does not apply for advanced thoracic esophageal cancer; very few accidents bleeding patients.
surgical operation. Often in the left sternocleidomastoid neck before the incision, while doing abdominal incision through the brain and neck free mediastinal esophageal hiatus of the upper and lower ends of esophagus by stomach or abdominal incision leaders of a bougie or a stripper and Up forward, to the end of cervical esophagus, cut cervical esophagus, the stripper under the cut end and tight end fixed to the bottom pull-out stripper, gradually entering the cavity with the esophagus, esophageal nutrition also will be the small blood vessels pull off, the entire thoracic esophagus was inverted stripping.
Neck – an introduction abdominal incision, according to their habits, but also the reverse operation, usually without serious bleeding, use gauze to stop bleeding, the stomach or colon by the original esophageal bed raised to the neck, and esophageal (throat) a stomach (colon) neck anastomosis.

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