Indications for surgical treatment of esophageal cancer

By | March 23, 2012

Indications for surgical treatment of esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer cases, the choice of surgical treatment, mainly on the patient's physical condition can tolerate surgery. Early (clinical stage O of) esophageal and gastric cardia and to compare early (clinical stage I of the, E of) the middle of esophageal cancer, III on the lower esophageal and gastric cardia lesions limited, such as the patient's body well, should actively seek surgery.
For these patients can achieve complete removal of cancer, and more able to get good treatment. For no obvious contraindications, the lesion length of more than 7cm in the lower esophageal and gastric cardia relatively late, due to inappropriate radiation therapy should also be careful to use surgery. Palliative resection of these cases, some can be longer survival.
General indications for surgical treatment can be summarized as the following situations:
various parts of the esophagus and cardia early cancer, esophageal cytology were positive for more than two, X-ray imaging of esophageal endoscopy and esophageal cancer are found early, such as the patient's physical condition permits, to actively mobilize the surgical patients treatment. The early cases all can do the complete removal of cancer, the good effects of long-term cure. Such cases should be classified as an ideal indication for surgical treatment.
esophageal or gastric cardia cancer Although violation of a certain range, it is estimated that cancer resection is very high. Cancer after resection of these patients was not as long-term effect of early cases, but most patients may also be long-term survival. Such cases could be classified as relative indications for surgical treatment, such as the patient's body in good condition, should actively seek surgical treatment.
indications for surgical treatment of aortic arch and the following cardiac lesions, the patient has obstructive symptoms and was extremely difficult to swallow, but no surgical contraindications who, although difficult to estimate cancer resection, exploratory surgery may be considered. Surgery, such as cancer can not be removed, the lesion can also be based on the aortic arch or the arch esophagus – stomach shortcut anastomosis. Cut through this form of palliative surgery, the patient's eating problems can be solved, and the patient radiation or drug therapy to create the conditions to extend their survival time.

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