Gastric cancer are those commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine

By | December 6, 2011

Chinese medicine treatment of gastric cancer during the commonly used Chinese medicine are:
1. gastric commonly used Chinese medicine: Actinidiae, fructus Hanako, half the school lotus, diffusa, Extension wood, vegetables Lease;
2. Cancer treatment option: iron leaves, corrugated son, Stone went through, wild vines, Eclipta prostrata, Gallus gallus domesticus, Solanum nigrum, from Britain, Hericium erinaceus.
3. Gastric Selected Prescription
(1) gastric general square: 9 g dry looking skin, I surgery 9 grams of unprocessed 3 grams, August Sapporo 12 grams, arrested in barrel 30 grams, 30 grams melon wilt, Hedyotis diffusa 30 grams, from Mao rattan 30 grams, 30 grams of corrugated stock, the Health of the kernel 30 grams, 15 grams of betel palm, 15 grams of red Gou, Prunella 15 grams, 9 grams of incense wide operation, plus Dragon pills or 15 pills a snake;
Usage: Shuijianbi day one. Denon pills or tablets every three snakes, 3 times a day.
(2) in advanced gastric side: Health and Astragalus, heterophylla, Millettia each 30 grams Atractylodes, Yun Ling, 10 grams, cotton sacrifices son, Ligustrum lucidum, Court, 15 grams of silk child;
Usage: Shuijianbi, 1, 6 weeks as a course of treatment.
Commonly used Chinese medicine cancer, stomach cancer after righting side: full Codonopsis, Wong Man, 15 grams, the Health and acetabulum was performed in 10 grams of raw kernels, Agrimony, from Britain, since the snake tongue grass flowers, 30 grams, Aescin flowers, stone see through the 18 grams.
Modified: blood deficiency add Angelica, from Gou, Moreover, etc.; heat plus Huang Ling, mannose disinfection Dan, etc.; Qi stagnation gas against the Canadian August Sapporo, Inula flower, integrated shell; stasis Salviae, peach kernel: nausea, plus Divine Comedy , Gallus gallus domesticus, Valley malt.
Usage: Shuijianbi, Day 1, long-term use.
(4) gastric Easy Party:
A side: diffusa, Chine of 9 grams, Flying entertainment clams 6 grams. Shuijianbi.
B side: nightshade, Scutellaria barbata (or snake tongue grass from the flower), Shu Yang Quan, 30 grams, stone see through (or Herba Hedyotis) 15 grams. Shuijianbi.

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