Esophageal cancer treatment principles

By | April 3, 2012

Esophageal cancer treatment guidelines, our current esophageal cancer treatment methods are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment of four. In general, early or earlier and is more confined lesions.
I and H of the esophagus of patients treated by surgery, a significant proportion of patients receive radical and long-term chance of survival. Information in accordance with national reports, its efficacy generally reported to be superior than abroad. Of course, the present practical point of view, very few patients at an early stage treatment, the vast majority of advanced patients. In other words, most of the patients had surgical treatment is not appropriate for these patients, only consider non-surgical treatment of other therapies. Which is the preferred means of radiation. In recent years, the radiotherapy equipment and treatment technology continues to evolve, so that esophageal cancer has been rapidly improved.
Esophageal cancer treatment guidelines, according to the Shanghai First Medical Oncology Hospital reported 774 cases of patients with adequate radiation therapy five-year survival rate was 16.8%. Cancer Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 1964 reported 130 cases of exploratory thoracotomy in patients with esophageal carcinoma, the use of radiotherapy after the five-year survival rate was 19%. This is the hospital while the efficacy of surgical treatment is similar. Therefore, it is important to have radiation therapy as a treatment of esophageal cancer, and has been widely used. Cancer Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, according to statistics of 6450 cases treated in their patients with esophageal cancer, 86.7% received radiotherapy.
Clinically, not suitable for surgery and radiotherapy for advanced esophageal cancer patients, in the case of physical conditions allow, may be given appropriate chemotherapy. Some of the symptoms the patient can see the effect of suspension or even tumor shrinkage. Cancer Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, according to reports, the application of advanced esophageal cancer patients chemotherapy 125 patients total effective rate was 32%, objective response rate was 16.8%.
Esophageal cancer treatment guidelines, therefore, reduce symptoms and prolong survival in a certain role. In addition, some of the clinical case of critical condition, the body and poor or nearly poor health, although the early stage of disease can not tolerate such treatment, are pure Chinese medicine treatment. After a certain time of treatment, some patients can often be received relieve symptoms, improve physical function and prolong survival. These are our clinical treatment principles are followed.

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