Curing cancer with natural treatment

By | October 11, 2013

Curing cancer treated naturally

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Cancer Treatment by Manuel Lezaeta Acharán in his book Natural medicine available to everyone.

As written on this website a few people asking for information on how to cure cancer, here are what it says in the book Lezaeta.

“Every tumor, reporting chronic functional disorder status, very old, charges accumulated foreign substances unnatural life and especially by improper diet.

The tumor starts with morbid matter accumulating between tissues. Nature seeks to isolate this extraneous material that is unable to eliminate. The new tissue is formed to entrench these materials are also victims of a blood irritant action maleada.De here seriously increased inflammation and tissue death from malignancy poisoning. El always tends to grow because in that way the body seeks to defend the disease process.

Optional medicine not avoid the mentioned cancer, because care ignores the normal function of the human body and is intended only to combat the effect of disorder functional. Esta medicine can cure this ailment either, because it ignores the natural resources and its application to purify the blood by active good digestion and elimination, the only means of aiding the sick body and allow us to react against this serious disease.


The tumor is present in the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory, kidney, liver, breast, etc.. the disease is visible outside or inside the body, we must always remember that this is an indivisible whole, watered by a single vital fluid, the blood, and powered by a single energy, organic unity nerviosa. Esta activity does not allow the sick body part, hence no question of local disease, but integrated with various manifestations ill located, as the conditions of the individual concerned.

Rather than engage the doctor to “cure cancer”, you think only of restoring the overall health of cancer, ie, the normal function of your body, which can only exist with your cuerpo. No thermal equilibrium cure, normalizing , cooling the patient’s bowels and afiebrando your skin and extremities. The iris of the eyes of these patients, always reveals serious doping their blood and tissues of your body, standing in the mirror iridal dirty color, more or less dark, plus heavy congestion of your digestive tract, ie internal fever, also poor blood circulation in the area of ​​your skin, limbs and brain.

These revelations indicate that treatment to normalize cancerous health should contact their blood purifying, refreshing his heart, to have good digestion, and afiebrar your skin to enable removal of the unwholesome through their pores. Regenerating and his vital fluid, these patients turn away from his body his ailment, because what gives the disease cure health.

And we always present, which normalizes digestion sick triumphs over all evils, because the stomach is the office where you forge the health and life of the body. But, as digestion involves food processing blood by fermenting them, a process that can only be healthy at the temperature of 37 ° C, is that health is a matter of temperature and cures, serums, injections, vaccines , x-rays, radium and less surgery.

Precisely these resources to cure cancer are insurmountable impediments to restore the health of cancer. The health regimen these patients continue indefinitely, shall be as follows: Fasting, eating a spoonful of flaxseed whole infusion from the previous night with 4 or 6 prunes: the belly this to keep current and avoid constipation . If necessary, enema.

Upon awakening and afternoon, every day, genital bath for 20-40 minutes. Before lunch, daily, blood washing , steam drawer or the sun in summer, if preferred. Sleeping with mud poultice especially the belly, looking ortigadura reaction with the skin, if necessary.

Clean air day and night. Diet exclusively raw fruits or salads without salt when you want and the amount you want. When digestion is normalized and become the hunger, will eat cooked lunch, all kinds of vegetables and instead of meat, cheese with salad and little salt.

Used as local applications poultice fenugreek, which softens and opens tumors. Also the natural mud poultice is indicated to refresh and decongest affected parties. We still have patches of raw milk curd and soothe inflammation locally.

Let us always remember that, like any patient, the cancer dies of indigestion and not tumors, unless they prevent regular nutrition and elimination of your body. “

Note: In Chile there is a nursing home with Lezaeta system that bears his son and a few doctors más.Yo not suggest anyone to use to cure system, everyone is free to do as you want but I opted for the system naturally.

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