Conformal radiotherapy for esophageal cancer

By | March 21, 2012

Wide conformal radiotherapy of esophageal cancer indications, the basic indications of conventional radiotherapy, as long as no severe cardiopulmonary dysfunction, non-cachexia and esophageal perforation, and no esophageal tracheal not sad and so patients with serious diseases can be treated.
Esophageal cancer conformal radiotherapy 1. Methods
Vacuum bag in the patient supine, arms on the move, vacuum bags were vacuum fixed position, take less active parts of the skin of patients with locator set markers, and can mark the skin with a tattoo solution to avoid more times after treatment is not easy to identify, influence reset.
Using both oral and intravenous contrast, both as to determine the pathological changes of esophageal mucosa, esophageal cancer is to understand the growth of the cavity, with or without ulcer, etc., but also to understand the growth of esophageal cancer outside of the direction of violations of the surrounding tissue , the surrounding lymph node metastasis, the number of how many, size and so on. CT scan using 3 – 5mm thin layer scanning, and then re-Lan Wei, by clinicians and radiation physicists to map out the extent of disease based on the patient and sensitive target organs such as the spinal cord, lung, radiation field design to determine the total dose of radiation and divided doses.
Conformal radiotherapy of esophageal cancer 2. Dose
Not too high dose of esophageal cancer to 55 – 65Gy appropriate; fractionated dose recommended for routine dose, dose planning target volume marginal 1.8 – ZGy / times.

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