Chinese non-toxic adjuvant therapy of lung cancer

By | May 10, 2012

Chinese non-toxic adjuvant therapy of lung cancer

Oncology, Lung Cancer is a common disease, surgical resection of early treatment of first choice. However, due to various reasons, medical treatment in most of the patients have to the late loss surgery opportunity. In recent years, Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer has been the effect of concern, non-toxic adjuvant treatment of lung cancer medicine, in alleviating the symptoms and prolong survival has played a feature. Now Chinese pathogenesis of lung cancer, dialectical therapy literature and clinical experience relevant are summarized below.
1, sputum knot is the pathological basis of lung cancer
    "Classic" saying: "the product of the lung, it is called Ben … … is sprinkled interest rate chills and fever, cough, pulmonary fat obstruct." "Su asked of odd disease," says: "Pollution on full gas against the disease, two-year-old patient Dubbed the interest endless … … plot." "Su Wen-yu real reservoir of local papers," detailed records of the advanced lung cancer, fever, chest pain, shoulder cited, the symptoms of cachexia, pointed out that the "big bone bent, and a large meat trap, the chest full of air, gasping inconvenience, the lead shoulder pain items, breaking the meat off the body heat ". Therefore, "interest-Ben", "obstruct the lung," "product information", "lung volume" are grouped into areas of lung cancer in TCM disease name.
     Lung cancer etiology and pathogenesis, "Origin of rhino candle and Miscellaneous Diseases," discussed in a more fair, said: "The evil plot chest, blocking air inversion, air can not pass, as … … for the blood of sputum, are pathogen Xiang Bo, only evil wins, The system is not, then form a shape and a block. " In this paper, in-depth understanding of the physical breast lump sputum Results Erzhi pathogenesis. Whether it be within the virtual righteousness, organs disorders, or exogenous pathogens invade the lungs, too cold and heat, both Ben Yu through the lung, accumulation of phlegm into the pathological process. No sputum, no to Health and lung volume, so the knot in the lung is the sputum of lung cancer pathology. Spleen as the source of phlegm, lung sputum for the storage device, lung spleen qi deficiency, yin and yang disharmony, by the cold or wind-heat evil, not as the beginning of the accumulation of virtual Quxie is ineffective, falling Liuzhi into sputum, sputum gas cementation , is into the lung volume. Phlegm and blood stasis of the heat, burns and blood, then spit phlegm cough blood. Tanning with the skin, then see the Quepen tuberculosis, flowing in the bone, the bone weakness, flow in the brain, the headache Muming. Pathogenesis of lung cancer and lung organs, spleen and two dirty closely related to the sputum of lung cancer by the original statement made to run through the entire course of the transfer.
      2, Differentiation and Treatment
      According to the pathogenesis of lung cancer, according to TCM syndrome differentiation characteristics of depression in general to lung cancer is divided into phlegm, qi phlegm, phlegm Yin, Qi and Yin Deficiency four common clinical syndromes. The main points of differentiation and differentiation methods described below.
    2.1 Chinese non-toxic adjuvant treatment of lung cancer lung disorder depressive type phlegm heat
      Poor cough, bloody sputum, chest pain or shortness of breath Xiong Xie, dry lips, dry mouth, constipation, red or dark red tongue, yellow coating, pulse string or thin string. This card is Ben Yu Qi, blood stasis Tanyong. Expelling Xuanfei qi, blood removed. Side with the daughter of reed stem decoction. Prescription: reed stem 30g, peach kernel, raw coixenolide, Poria, melon kernel of the 15g, Zhejiang Fritillaria 20g, mulberry leaf, Panax the 10g, gecko 5g, law Pinellia 12g, tangerine peel, licorice all 6g.

Chinese non-toxic adjuvant treatment of lung cancer 2.2 deficiency syndrome phlegm type
     Cough, sputum, chest tightness, short breath, less gas lazy words, poor appetite weight loss, abdominal distension and loose stool. Dark or pale pink, while there are teeth marks, greasy moss, pulse moisten or slippery. Card is a lung weakness, child illness and parent, the spleen lost health movement, phlegm resistance. Expelling qi and spleen, expectorant Sanjie. Side with Shenlingbaizhu San addition and subtraction. Recipe: Codonopsis, Health Coix seed 20g, Poria, Atractylodes, Zhejiang Fritillaria, white beans, fried pangolin (Xian Jian) The 15g, Chinese yam 25g, bellflower, Amomum (later) the 10g, tangerine peel, licorice all 6g .

    Chinese non-toxic adjuvant treatment of lung cancer 2.3 Yin phlegm type disease
       Cough with scanty sputum, or dry cough, throat discomfort, or expectoration with bloodshot eyes, chest full of shortness of breath, hot flushes and night sweats, dizziness, ringing in the ears, upset, dry mouth, yellow urine, dry stool. Scarlet tongue, tongue coating optical light peel or without coating, taut pulse weak. This card is a lung and kidney, phlegm each knot, Expelling ney lung, expectorant heat. Square white powder flavored with diarrhea. Recipe: Morus alba, Rehmanniae, Anemarrhena, Radix, Radix, Zhejiang Fritillaria, turtle (Xian Jian), Health Yiyiren, Houttuynia the 15g, licorice 6g.
     Chinese non-toxic adjuvant treatment of lung cancer-type disease Qiyinliangxu 2.4
Less dry sputum, Kesheng low, or less bloody sputum, weight loss Shen Juan, dry mouth, short breath, Mu Ming Mei loss, irritability, palpitations, lack of anorexia body, red tongue or Nenhong dry white fur or no fur dry, the pulse Fine. Card is a lung and spleen deficiency, kidney yin depletion. Expelling Yiqiyangyin, to straighten the addition product. Side together with Liu Wei Di Huang Shengmaisan Decoction. Recipe: Codonopsis, Ophiopogon, Schisandra, Poria, Rehmannia glutinosa, Cornus officinalis, lily, Zhejiang Fritillaria the 15g, Chinese yam 25g, bellflower 10g, Cordyceps sinensis, licorice all 6g.

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