Chinese and Western medicine treatment of cancer link

By | January 19, 2012

With the level of development of social science, modern medicine in the treatment of tumors, there are three effective ways, but any kind of treatment can not use it all the claims of those who do so, this understanding is precisely in line with the treatment of syndrome differentiation rules dialectical thinking is the Chinese way of thinking most fully embodies the essence of the disease phenomenon and internal relations, the combination of universality and particularity.
Chinese and Western medicine treatment of cancer link, in traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer of the major people-oriented, science cancer, is the rule of the radical. Because cancer is a systemic disease, local performance, should be temporary and permanent treatment of cancer combined, the overall treatment of local and adjusting the combination of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer can be treated as a whole, to relieve pain and prolong life.
Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their own advantages, but also has its shortcomings. Chinese and Western medicine treatment of cancer link, Western medicine is less than the strengths, weaknesses of traditional Chinese medicine is precisely the strengths of Western medicine. Results with TCM treatment of malignant tumors, not only in theory, to each other, and go bed in a specific course of treatment, with more mutual agreement, to achieve better results.
Chinese and Western medicine treatment of cancer link, modern medicine, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the inhibition of tumor proliferation, while normal cells of the body and immune function have ye not with the degree of damage to damage, that is, the treatment of wounds in lambs in mid- case when students return to fertilizer use, to damage the human body itself has bad anti-tumor function of tumor recurrence and metastasis for the future potential to leave bad risk-free.
The safest way is to use these treatments in the auxiliary treatment with Chinese medicine, which is the Integrative Medicine Cancer advantage. In the course of treatment of malignant tumors, should be the treatment of Chinese and Western medical care were the principles of loud noise as an important principle.

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