Chemotherapy of esophageal cancer and dietary considerations

By | January 4, 2012

Clinical treatment of cancer chemotherapy is one of the methods used, esophagus is no exception.Clinicians treating esophageal cancer with chemotherapy drugs chemotherapy drugs can kill due to rapid growth or destruction of malignant cells.However, the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs are generally of a larger class of drugs.
Esophageal cancer chemotherapy precautions and diet, the normal esophageal cancer cells and chemotherapy drugs distinguish the ability of malignant cells is not strong, is also toxic to normal cells, can cause side effects.Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drugs, some drugs such as nitrogen mustard, cyclophosphamide, adriamycin, etc. With the increase of dose, efficacy will also increase, but also may to some extent, overcome the resistance of malignant cells.Of course, increasing the dose of chemotherapy drugs, adverse reactions also increased, from this point of view, it seems that the greater the adverse reaction to chemotherapy better make sense.
Esophageal cancer chemotherapy precautions and diet, but some of esophageal cancer chemotherapeutic drugs such as bleomycin, vincristine, BLM, UFT, feeding fluoride pyridine and other drugs, when beyond a certain dose range, efficacy did not increase , toxicity was significantly increased.In addition, with advances in adjuvant chemotherapy, side effects caused by the problem can be resolved as much as possible, such as chemotherapy drug-induced reduction of peripheral white blood cells, chemotherapy drugs through the addition of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor treatment, such as Kyrgyzstan tablets Fen, whale blood, Granocyte so leukopenia side effects are not obvious, but also allow the dose of chemotherapy, so effective increase; Another example is the high-dose cisplatin chemotherapy due to the use of ondansetron in this Class of antiemetic drugs, vomiting, side effects are not strong, and effective than low-dose cisplatin significantly improved.
Therefore, esophageal cancer and diet considerations chemotherapy, esophageal cancer chemotherapy should be based on specific drugs, specific chemotherapy, the use of adjuvant drugs such as whether the merger may be.Simply that the greater the side effects of chemotherapy of esophageal cancer, the better the effect is not entirely correct to say.Should in principle be obtained through the maximum effect of chemotherapy, and as far as possible adverse effects of chemotherapy of esophageal cancer bottomed.
During chemotherapy should be appropriate to increase protein, sugar intake, Eat high-fat, high-cholesterol foods, in particular, to ensure that the intake of protein, eat a number of lean pork, beef, chicken or fish, etc.; not eat fried foods , eat pickled food, non food seasoning strong irritant. pay attention to diet diversification, with meat and vegetables, acid-base balance of the food color, smell and taste. anorectic patients may be appropriate to eat hawthorn, radish, gold orange foods such as stomach, increased appetite of patients.

Eating some fresh fruit such as watermelon, kiwi, apricots, apples, pears, strawberries, rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin, has a certain anti-cancer effect. Jujube contains not only acid and other anti-cancer components of hawthorn, while of chemotherapy-induced leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, treatment of esophageal cancer are different from other tumors, not appetite, but the difficulty in swallowing, can not eat, resulting in the consumption of the body, it should try to eat a diet that can into the esophagus, such as semi- liquid food and full-flow, semi-liquid food, and pay attention to the quality of the whole flow, not calorie restriction, to be rich in nutrition, food soft, easy to digest and absorb, if necessary, do homogenate meal, milk and other elements of diet and mixed diet.
Esophageal cancer chemotherapy precautions and diet, plasma is the normal diet diet to stab and boneless, the use of high-speed organization stamp mill a paste, contains nutrients similar to the normal diet, but in vitro has been crushed, easy digestion and absorption, to avoid long-term single diet can prevent constipation. Homogenate dietary and nutritional requirements of heat illness and individuals according to their own preparation of a variety of diet formula, choose rice, porridge, noodles, bread, eggs, fish, shrimp, chicken, lean meat, liver, cabbage, carrots , rape, radish, melon, potatoes, and moderate amounts of milk, soy milk, tofu, dried tofu and other foods.

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