Breast cancer prevention

By | May 3, 2012

The prevention of breast cancer is generally divided into three levels. Starting from the cause of primary prevention is early diagnosis and secondary prevention and tertiary prevention refers to the therapy. Breast cancer primary prevention have not been able to do, first, to find the exact cause yet, another, a person will develop breast cancer usually can not be accurately forecast, the current can do is secondary prevention and tertiary prevention . Secondary prevention refers to early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, at present some new treatment, new drugs and effective treatment of breast cancer program to provide a guarantee to play a good supporting effect. Clinical data show: early diagnosis of patients with cure rates close to 95% survival of more than 5 years. Such as carcinoma in situ stage, then the survival rate after treatment up to 99%; the case of a patient, the treatment can be achieved after the 5-year survival rate of 93%, two 5-year survival rates after treatment 81% could be achieved.
(A) of the breast cancer early detection, early treatment
Through the following ways: Please experts to assess whether you have breast cancer high risk; ask the doctor to develop clinical breast screening program; 40 times over the age of 1 year of breast X-ray; after the start of each menstrual cycle, the tenth day of breast self-examination may be selected if the irregular menstruation every month at the same time check.
The most important in the census is a clinical examination and X-ray examination. x line is mainly found in small calcifications, large and small samples, concentrated in an area, sometimes found in the breast area with a few grains of calcification was found necessary to pay attention to this situation. Also found in breast radiography are block shadow, breast radiography is frequently seen in both cases. If you find breast abnormalities, should prompt medical attention (through the breast X-ray, breast ultrasound, breast biopsy, etc.) to clear whether it is breast cancer. Some women find breast lumps that does not matter, or fear of embarrassment, not to look at some inappropriate misuse of health care products advertised but delayed disease.
Breast cancer prevention (b) the prevention of breast cancer
Several protective factors for breast cancer are as follows:
(1) low-fat diet. According to U.S. experts, a large number of women in the follow-up crowd of Statistics, found that those high-fat diet, increased incidence of breast cancer; after breast cancer recurrence rate was also high.
(2) vegetables, fruits, yams, mushrooms, soy, Hu Luoka, green tea, can reduce disease risk. Coffee, cholesterol, unsaturated fatty acid, black tea, vitamin E, nothing to do with breast cancer.
(3) Physical exercise can reduce the incidence of breast cancer, especially postmenopausal women.
(4) women taking anti-hormone drugs, U.S. experts were followed up in a large population, New Zealand found that medication than the control (no medication) reduced the incidence of breast cancer (down 50%). But the long-term use of these drugs, thromboembolic phenomenon, endometrial cancer and the incidence of cataract increases, offset by the benefits of the treatment.
Breast cancer prevention (5) normal sex life without the right impact on the incidence of breast cancer we.

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