Adjuvant treatment of ovarian cancer medicine

By | October 26, 2011

Modern medical research shows that conventional treatment of ovarian cancer at the same time making use of adjuvant treatment of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine adjuvant treatment of ovarian cancer, the role of two aspects:
(A) inhibition to kill cancer cells,
(B) to enhance the host's immune system,
These two effects on the control of the disease patients before surgery to prevent recurrence after surgery were good. Commonly used in ovarian cancer adjuvant treatment of traditional Chinese medicine drug detoxification method and the blood circulation method.
(1) commonly used in Chinese traditional medicines have diffusa, Solanum vine, thin the British public, smelly peony, tonkinensis, Gelsemium elegans, indigo, Treats, skullcap, etc.;
(2) are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine Curcuma, Millettia, Wujiapi, red peony, safflower, triangular, Shu insects, leeches, Chuanxiong, in the final tail, bile Southern Star Dengjun significantly inhibit the tumor and the immune facilitating role. This is the commonly used chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells, often also inhibit the body's immune function, there are important differences, so the heat detoxification, blood circulation, treatment of cancer, with its own characteristics.
(3) adjuvant treatment of ovarian cancer traditional Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine treatment, you can also choose righting, tonic medicines of traditional Chinese medicine combined with the blood circulation applications, such as Ganoderma lucidum, shiitake mushrooms, North Astragalus, Ling Yun, Codonopsis, etc., whichever is improve the body's resistance to disease and adjust enzyme system, to promote their own immunity, it will be useful clinical means of reducing the recurrence of ovarian cancer.

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