What are the impacts on the body of cancer pain

By | October 13, 2011

    Unlike other diseases, pain and cancer pain, the body of patients with very serious adverse effects. Mainly reflected in the psychological, cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine system of the vicious cycle of pain.
One of the systemic effects of cancer pain, psychological impact of acute pain, patients often excited anxiety, irritability, desire immediate and effective pain treatment. Chronic pain patients showed depression, apathy, to avoid external stimuli, and some even refuse treatment, loss of courage.
Second on the systemic effects of cancer pain, the impact on the cardiovascular system of circular shallow excitatory effect of pain, high blood pressure, heart rate; deep pain of cycling depression, hypotension, bradycardia, severe shock. Pain can make various types of ECG T wave changes occurred, for the elderly, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure in patients with particularly unfavorable.
Three of the systemic effects of cancer pain, the impact of the neuroendocrine system of pain to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous excitement, the body is in stress, the body hope catechu gum, epinephrine increased; membrane was inhibited insulin secretion, glucagon secretion, glycogen breakdown xenobiotic enhancement, blood sugar; pituitary ACTH increase, resulting in cortisol, wake up from the same solid, anti-diuretic hormone increased; thyroxine, three shy thyroid hormone secretion. These changes, so that the body produces a huge energy consumption, rapid deterioration of general condition of patients, immune function, is very unfavorable for further treatment.
Four of the systemic effects of cancer pain, the pain spread to the vicious cycle of pain stimulation central cause pain, but also excited, spinal cord anterior horn and lateral horn cells, causing damage to parts of sensing nerve excitability, resulting in distribution twin reflex muscle contraction vasoconstriction. If persistent pain stimulation, local persistence of these changes will be, blood flow, metabolite accumulation, tissue and cell hypoxia, pain caused by substances produced by stimulation of sensory nerve endings, but also further increase the local pain, a vicious form of pain cycle.

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