The symptoms of tumor diseases of children

By | January 19, 2012

A long time, people thought that only adults or older personnel suffering from cancer, is not the case, along with the serious pollution of life, many children also become susceptible tumors. And "difficult to find, easy to delay" is the most horrible place children's cancer. Because clinical symptoms and some common diseases are very similar, children can easily be misdiagnosed cancer. So, before the symptoms of pediatric cancer patients have?
Based on years of hospital clinical observation, children's cancer before the symptoms of disease include the following:
1. Unexplained pain. Such as abdominal pain, joint pain, headache, and neurological symptoms often appear, such as vomiting, ataxia and so on.
2. Unexplained pale and bleeding. Often accompanied by fatigue, loss of appetite, anemia and other phenomena, or unexplained bleeding, suspicious bleeding or ecchymosis, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible Hematology examination.
3. Unexplained fever. Do not think that child had a fever to be a cold, fever for more than half a month if for no reason, and the temperature fluctuated, difficult to control, you can not blindly take medicine to deal with at home, and should be up medical treatment. Because this is likely to be leukemia or neuroblastoma clinical manifestations.
4. Persistent swollen lymph glands. Because tumors caused by viral infection can cause local or systemic lymphadenopathy, such as longer duration, and no tenderness, should be carefully checked.
5. Limbs, trunk, abnormal swelling. Some bone cancer or rhabdomyosarcoma are swelling in the limbs or trunk as a sign, do it hastily as trauma.
6. Eye abnormalities reflected light. Children of light can cause abnormal eye reflected light, deep eyes, white object can be seen, should be promptly to the eye examination.
The symptoms of tumor diseases of children, in addition, the children shouted abdominal pain, or stomach Zhangde bulging, the other easily for granted; children, below the ribs sudden unexplained lumps, swelling, and what is not a good sign. Usually dressed bath, may wish to observe the child's stomach, by hand by to see if an exception. It is worth recalling, and adult cancer, early detection of diseases is essential clues to the cure the disease, in order for treatment time, to ensure efficacy.

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