Several figures associated with liver cancer

By | April 4, 2012

Associated with liver cancer a few figures: 564 000 The incidence of liver cancer incidence in the sixth, the death rate of cancer death in the third. Center for International Cancer Research (IARC) estimated that liver cancer worldwide in 2000 564,000, of which 306,000 Chinese liver cancer, liver cancer deaths 30 million.

40 domestic and international data indicate that liver cancer mainly occur in the elderly population, usually after the age of 40 rose from faster growth and increased with age.

With liver cancer a few figures related to: 30.4/10 million, according to national health statistics annual report, China's male population of liver cancer mortality was 30.4/10 million, 12.6/10 million women, the sex ratio was 2.4:1. Some high incidence of domestic sex ratio will be higher, such as Jiangsu Qidong sex ratio up to 3.67:1.

Several figures associated with liver cancer: 9% -10% of liver bleeding, liver cancer is a deadly serious and common complication rate of about 5.46% -19.8%, liver cancer is a major cause of death in patients one cause of death accounting for 9% -10 HCC%, the cause of death in the liver accounted for the 4th. As the disease sudden, dramatic, and often accompanied by shock. Therefore, its treatment difficult, prognosis is poor, if not active treatment, most patients died quickly.

Several figures associated with liver cancer: 400 mcg Alpha-fetoprotein is a specific protein, we have normal body content of no more than 20 micrograms of alpha-fetoprotein, alpha fetoprotein levels in patients with hepatitis A more than 100 micrograms in 50. If the inspection found that alpha-fetoprotein increased to more than 400 micrograms per liter of blood, then your risk to very high.

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