Prevention and prognosis of gallbladder cancer

By | April 11, 2012

(A) the prevention and prognosis of gallbladder cancer and follow-up national data indicate that gallbladder surgery was 20% -32% and mean survival time 8.4 months, about 80% of patients died within 1 year after surgery, five survival rate of 2.9%, the average survival is not only a surgical resection 2-6 months. Abroad reported the case with the essentially similar. Since the majority of patients died of cancer recurrence, even if radical surgery has been accepted must not be taken lightly for patients, comprehensive treatment, in addition to regular monthly review should be B-, liver function, as well as CEA and CA19-9 , if abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, weight loss, fever, dark urine, such as performance, seek medical attention immediately clear whether the tumor recurrence and to seek further treatment.
(B) the prevention and prognosis of gallbladder cancer and prospects close to the gallbladder and gallstones, gallbladder cancer prevention must start from the prevention of gallstones. The main causes of gallstones by biliary excretion of cholesterol and saturated, and therefore control the excessive intake of dietary cholesterol is very important and should be a reasonable adjustment of diet, Eat less animal fat rich in cholesterol, animal offal, egg yolk and other foods, Eat high protein foods, vegetables, and fresh fruit, especially in pregnant women should pay attention. Normal physical exercise should be appropriate to prevent the excessive accumulation of body fat. In addition, the annual physical examination should be regularly, including the hepatobiliary system ultrasound to facilitate early detection and timely treatment. On what has been diagnosed gallstone treatment measures adopted, and whether or not to keep the gallbladder there are still controversial. Active prevention and treatment of gallbladder stones and gallbladder adenoma gallbladder cancer prevention is also important.

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