How the combined treatment of tumor patients

By | October 15, 2011

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the incidence of neoplastic diseases is also rising, cancer hospital is overcrowded! As we all know, cancer disease has not yet overcome, and now there is no new breakthrough in the treatment. Does not mean the tumor can not be cured by surgery combined treatment of tumor: surgery + chemotherapy + Chinese medicine, there is a chance of rehabilitation! It should be emphasized is the latter, because surgery is very familiar to all of us have no more elaborate, here is the emphasis on the treatment of patients. We recommend that, after application of four in one treatment more effective control of tumor recurrence and metastasis. So what is one of four treatments it? We are one of the four referred to here is to emphasize the traditional Chinese medicine treatment after the combined treatment of tumors of the details, set psychological counseling, drug treatment syndrome differentiation, identifying diseases and even the aerobic facilities cancer diet exercise sports therapy beneficial combination.
So how the combined treatment of tumor patients like?
    Comprehensive treatment of the tumor after the decisive role in heart treatment: for patients with psychological characteristics and sex, spring, different levels of knowledge, patience and missionary to the Chinese medicine treatment in patients with chemotherapy attenuated from the synergistic effect, so that lack of commitment to belief in rehabilitation of patients with listening 5 years experience of anti-cancer tumor patients in order to enhance its commitment to inspire the faith, with the strength of cancer patients can still watch the star performances and participation in anti-cancer patients with cancer of the outdoor mass flow, listening to lectures such as cancer, allow tumor familiar to patients after cancer is a chronic disease can be treated by a fair recovery to minimize the variety of adverse stimuli, to eliminate the psychological tension, so that other treatment carried out smoothly.
    Comprehensive treatment of cancer patients from the pivotal role of medication: one in four aspects of the treatment to be subjected to strengthening and restoring the tumor, tumor to tumor elimination Cidan capsules, pills and anti-cancer level Xiaoaiping a series of mainly medicine, played circulation detoxification, and reducing swelling, the effectiveness of BNI, the tumor disappeared, eliminating pathogenic factors is not injuries. Modern medical studies have shown that they can restrain cancer cell DNA polymerase activity, cancer cell mitosis has restrained the role of the spindle cells can not form, so stop in mid-mitosis, but also restrain the growth of new blood vessels to restrain cancer cell growth, proliferation and metastasis. This series of Chinese traditional medicines also enhance immune function, by improving the body's internal preparedness mechanisms to restrain tumor growth. This series of clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicines proved greatly promote tumor regression, reduced or even disappear, but also advances the body's immune function and hematopoiesis.
Comprehensive treatment of cancer patients from the importance of the role of diet: meal facilities is identified disease. Cancer patients after blood deficiency, loss of appetite and digestive function has not been restored, but also to postoperative chemotherapy and often loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, body negative nitrogen balance (nutrition, back pain, dizziness Dazzling, infirm, metabolic function decline and other symptoms), when Zhu Huanzhe to Eat small meals for the food to the principle of giving high-protein, high vitamin diet. Understand the patient's preferences in food usually pay attention to food color, smell, taste, food should be steaming stew based, Wu Shi sweet, greasy, spicy, fried food; thrown nausea may chew some ginger products, reduce nausea, patients with progressive loss of appetite. Also encourage patients to make the appropriate flow before dinner, when the nausea symptoms improved, may be appropriate dietary intake of bland appetizer bite mainly by micro-gas humbly, regular blood tonic herbs such as astragalus yam soup, such as jujube lotus porridge, according to be adjusted in patients with clinical symptoms of food, if abdominal distention or ascites, eat light penetration, such as diuretic gourd, melon, corn, etc., and avoid stagnation gas Yong food such as milk, tofu, onions and the like, to avoid the cold fruit, hot toxic than Sheng were cut fried foods, salty acid to be taboo, sweet and of the goods, the ultimate dining facilities adhere to identifying diseases, dietary diversification, fresh fruits and vegetables, in order to progress the main ingredients of immunity.
    Comprehensive treatment of cancer patients play an active role in physical therapy: physical weakness cancer patients after surgery, each patient with varying degrees of weakness, according to the circumstances of each patient to take the appropriate anti-cancer exercise aerobic exercise. According to the research results show that: anaerobic cell tumor cells, and aerobic exercise the body of anti-cancer therapy, effectively increase the oxygen concentration in vivo in patients with anti-cancer factors stimulate the vitality and progress of immunity, to resist the proliferation of tumor cells, which co medication, diet, a common anti-cancer treatment center, the effective progress of a living quality and prolong the life of the role.
Chinese medicine is that the main reason for tumor formation gas, blood, sputum, wet bedding from depression. Patients body is "evil to being bad" phase, combined with chemotherapy for bodily injury, this time to pay attention to strengthening and restoring, spleen and stomach, Qi tonic, Chinese medicine theory that the postnatal stomach, blood biochemistry source. Masato Xiangsha six addition and subtraction, Fang Codonopsis, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Poria with spleen Qi, blood and blood plus Angelica, Ba Zhen Tang combined with Qi tonic, capsule clinically proven Cidan Chinese traditional medicine and some other columns can be happy pituitary – adrenal cortex system and the reticuloendothelial system, the blood corticosteroid level of testosterone progress and enhance the ability of eliminating all the toxins, anti-cancer chemotherapy drugs and also that the function of coordination, improve heart and liver and other organs of the brain functional, comprehensive mediation capabilities enhance the body, strengthening and restoring traditional Chinese medicine, spleen and stomach, Qi tonic concurrent chemotherapy, can significantly reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy, so that nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, bone marrow is restrained, the incidence of liver and kidney function damage decreased significantly, which is traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, focus on the overall conditioning and multi-target related to the role of Chinese medicine, to extend the quality of postoperative survival time of patients have laid the foundation.
Hospital through the "heart treatment, medication, diet, physical therapy," comprehensive treatment of tumor surgery. Over the years John has been extended to many patients over 5 years of life, the longest more than 14 years, patients still alive. Rehabilitation of patients across the country, the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, more than 20 countries and regions.

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