Etiology of esophageal cancer – the modern medical knowledge

By | April 4, 2012

Esophageal cancer etiology of modern medical knowledge, research data from an analysis of domestic and foreign, esophageal cancer and the natural, geographical environment and living habits of close internal relations. Dietary factors in the etiology of this disease is more important. Comparison of currently accepted by the people recognized that some foods cause nitrate gel Central Asia, high levels of mold, food hot diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and nutrition, vitamin and trace mineral deficiencies and so on.
(1) plastic nitrite: nitrite rubber compounds are a class of highly carcinogenic. Nitrite in 100 kinds of plastic in a dozen species of animals can cause esophageal cancer . High incidence of esophageal cancer found in the dietary intake of different amounts of nitrite limbs, and proves: nitrite from the dietary intake of the amount of glue into the incidence of esophageal cancer are related. Some of nitrite rubber can specifically lead? The animal esophageal cancer. High incidence of human gastric juice nitrite compounds were significantly higher than that of low-incidence areas, and higher in male than female, Central Glass rubber content of gastric juice increased with age. Urinary excretion of nitro compounds in Central Asia and the mortality rate of esophageal cancer is positively correlated. Nitrite in the moldy food and the formation of plastic molds and found some of the formation of nitrite rubber is closely related.
(2) Mold: Mold and esophageal cancer in a lot of domestic relations work. From the high incidence of sauerkraut, buns, a variety of fungi isolated from cornmeal, food mold contamination was significantly higher than low-incidence areas, the separation of grain STEMPHYLIUM holly, Alternaria sp chain package has mutagenesis and the resulting ADM can be caused by chromosome aberrations. Experiments show that moldy food can be used before the stomach induced squamous cell carcinoma. Nitrite rubber mold and a synergistic carcinogenic effects. Also found that some molds can reduce nitrate to nitrite, a few plastic molds can promote the formation of nitrite.
(3) hot drinks hot food: it is not yet sure that hot food hot and the etiology of esophageal cancer, but the high-incidence area of esophageal cancer eating hot food, heat injury may promote the occurrence of cancer or a tumor of a condition.
(4) pharyngeal suction drinking: the residents of high incidence of pharyngeal aspiration is common, mainly smoking cigarettes. Epidemiological studies note that the increase in smoking and smoking prolonged glue, such as tobacco carcinogens Central Glass savings in the body will increase the risk of disease increases. Domestic and international data have supported the occurrence of drinking and esophageal cancer, namely smoking and drinking habits than a single chance of esophageal cancer occurred more than drinking and smoking have synergistic carcinogenic effects.
(5) nutrition, vitamins and trace elements: lack of certain vitamins and trace elements have certain conditions for the esophageal cancer. High incidence of esophagitis, cell dysplasia, severe hyperplasia of the more common, and the high incidence of intake of protein, fruits, vegetables and less relevant. Esophageal epithelial hyperplasia and cancer patients with severe blood vitamin A, E, folic acid were significantly lower than the low-incidence areas of the crowd. According to high incidence of investigation: In high-incidence area in the general lack of pounds of food. Lack of nutrition can cause esophageal lesions bowl, increasing the chance of cancer. In addition, there are that the incidence of lack of geological aluminum and other trace elements in soil may be caused by indirect causes of esophageal cancer, its mechanism remains to be elucidated.
(6), esophageal cancer etiology of modern medical knowledge, pickled cabbage: cabbage nitrate and nitrite content in Central Asia more sauerkraut also carcinogenic compounds benzene, measured half-surprised, and other strange polycyclic aromatic compounds. The survey found that eating high-incidence area sauerkraut more common, the incidence of esophageal cancer is associated with the amount of fresh sauerkraut.
(7) genetic factors: According to a survey of high incidence, esophageal cancer patients have a significant familial aggregation. In the same family may be in the same generation or across generations occurred. Cancer susceptibility and environmental factors also have a great relationship. Level of analysis from molecular biology, DNA repair ability of seconds less than those without family history family history of cancer. Professor Li Peiwen reported a similar three successive generations of esophageal cancer family history, which three generations of patients in the symptoms, course of disease, death season, age at death, brothers, are very similar to the ranking order. Professor Lee pointed out that positive family history, maternal than paternal disease prevalence, familial aggregation of esophageal cancer is caused by genetic, or due to a common living environment are worthy of further investigation due to, but clinicians also noted the familial patients with obvious symptoms of their weight, poor efficacy, short duration characteristics.
(8) of esophageal cancer etiology of modern medical knowledge, the other: there are experimental reports, a Vinson syndrome Plummer (Plummer a vinson syndrome), alkali burns stenosis, achalasia cardia cancer patients and the holes increase in the incidence of esophageal cancer . Some scholars believe that the long-term and long-term mental stress or depression, taking a large number of side effects of treatment drugs on the incidence of this disease may also be relevant. However, the exact cause of esophageal cancer, at home and abroad are currently inconclusive, several causes of the above listed mechanism also needs further study.

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