Do not be afraid addicted to pain medication

By | April 11, 2012

Do not be afraid addictive pain medication, the face of pain, many cancer patients are in the "intolerable" when it began taking painkillers . In fact, patients need not fear painkillers, medicine to the hand on hand. Patients refused to take medicine is nothing more than fear of addiction, leading to more severe cancer pain, or consider when starting treatment with strong painkillers may be no end to ease the pain medication.
In fact, the dose of morphine for pain relief, complete enough to generate serious side effects, it will not addictive. Currently morphine pain medication, dosage forms on many different types, such as release agents, film and other drugs slowly into the body can not cause sudden drop in blood concentration swells, so does not produce euphoria when the injection of morphine, Bu Zhiyu addictive. Meanwhile, doctors in the use of morphine and other drugs, often with the common anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the morphine dosage.
Pain patients can "Counting account", do not do anything with their pain, less effective pain relief, to adjust the mental state, improve sleep and quality of life.
For cancer patients , the spirit of good, psychologically, the confidence of the natural increase resistance to disease. One patient suffering from pain and suffering, resulting in insomnia, seriously interfere with daily work and life. However, morphine, the pain greatly reduced, and later returned to work. Painkillers can not start with the addictive opioids such as morphine, patients do not blindly tension.
Clinically, drugs commonly used ladder.Cancer pain can be tolerated, does not affect normal life, does not affect sleep the first step, you can use aspirin, paracetamol and other drugs, and to the pain of loss of appetite and sleep, in the first step on the basis of medication, plus The second step painkillers such as codeine, given strong pain. When severe pain, unbearable only when you can use the third step drugs such as morphine tablets, the United States Feikang and so on. Thus, when patients with pain, you can immediately use the pain medicine.
Do not be afraid addictive pain medication, some patients fear will gradually increase the dose of pain medication, in fact, this may be small, since taking the first step and second step there will be a ceiling effect of drugs, that is, when the drug reaches a certain dose, It reached the peak analgesic effect, until then take higher doses of similar drugs, analgesic effect does not increase, this time should prompt exchange of other types of pain medication.

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