Common pathogenesis of diarrhea

By | March 25, 2012

If the intake of water from the mouth of the weight of the 2L, then MI, human adult small intestine of water, including saliva, since the bottle, version to which 7_8L be absorbed in the small intestine, there 1.3_1.5L by large absorption, fecal About 0.2L of water was out of the body. Therefore, the intestinal absorption of water blocked the secretion of hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism oozing mucosa, peristalsis causes diarrhea hyperthyroidism have all become.
Common pathogenesis of diarrhea (1) hyperosmolar diarrhea (osmotic diarrhea): As the intake of non-absorption. Permeable solute, the osmotic pressure increased in the intestine, intestinal obstruction caused by water and electrolytes, or leaving due to lack of certain digestive enzymes eat the food, not before the stage of absorption digestion (lactose intolerance, pancreatic exocrine insufficiency) caused by diarrhea. Such as hypertonic food or drugs.
Features: fasting or withdrawal, diarrhea stops; containing large amounts of feces or the absorption of undigested food or drugs.
Common pathogenesis of diarrhea (2) secretory diarrhea: excess fluid secreted by the gastric mucosa caused, can cause diarrhea factors secreted bacterial toxin, virus, humoral and promote secretion (vasoactive intestinal peptide) and so on.
Features: bowel movement with normal histology membrane; feces into water, the amount, no version of the blood; fasting had no effect on diarrhea.
Common pathogenesis of diarrhea (3) exudative diarrhea: a large number of intestinal inflammation, oozing sticky fluid version of the blood, resulting in diarrhea, sexually transmitted diseases such as bacteria, amoebiasis disease, pseudomembranous colitis, radiation enteritis caused by diarrhea, etc. .
Features: version of the Ambassador often with blood; diarrhea and body shape, the severity of symptoms depends on degree of intestinal damage.
Common pathogenesis of diarrhea (4) malabsorption diarrhea: the absorption by the intestinal mucosa barrier area caused by reduced or absorbed. If a large number of intestinal resection or vascular bypass surgery and other causes of diarrhea.
Features: fasting can reduce diarrhea; not absorbed by the intestinal contents of the electrolyte and food ingredients.
Common pathogenesis of diarrhea (5) bowel movements of diarrhea: As with hyperthyroidism caused by intestinal bowel movements food residence time, has not been fully absorbed due to diarrhea. Such as allergic colon syndrome, hyperthyroidism. In addition, due to diabetes, scleroderma and other intestinal motion decreases, so moving the material through the slowing down, resulting in diarrhea caused by bacteria.
Features: dung paste or water samples that he was no exudate; bowel sounds associated with hyperthyroidism and diarrhea, abdominal pain; diarrhea associated with bowel weakened.

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