Brain metastases and brain edema

By | April 7, 2012

Brain metastases and brain edema, cerebral edema, increased intracranial pressure caused by brain metastases is often the primary cause of patient visits. But if brain metastases of cerebral edema was followed by clinical manifestations, is often associated with many factors such as malignancy, the pace of development and so on.
Brain metastases and brain edema, such as intracranial glioblastoma the highest incidence of edema, 90%, and brain metastases, compared with 86%. That highly malignant tumors prone to cerebral edema. In addition, patients should pay attention to age, the elderly due to cerebral atrophy, brain weight reduction, increased intracranial cavity, although there is cerebral edema, increased intracranial pressure, but the symptoms can be obvious or appear later. In addition, the site where the tumor and brain edema are related or not.
Such as in the cortex, brain stem, umbilical tired body parts of the tumor caused by cerebral edema often not obvious, but in the cortex, particularly in the oval center of the hemisphere is brain edema in brain metastases often obvious. Intracranial hypertension caused by cerebral edema can often endanger the lives of patients is emergency medical oncology is one of several rare and timely treatment is very necessary. Hormone is the main drug treatment of cerebral edema, the role of rapid, in 6 – 24 hours, effective, 3 – 7 days at peak level.
Brain metastases and brain edema in addition, the application of the hormone at the same time, applications should be compatible with the permeability of drug, such as 20% mannitol and so on. Following the above treatment of cerebral edema can quickly eliminate symptoms, but if not as soon as possible to take other effective treatments, then the brain edema caused by brain metastases will soon relapse. Mannitol in the application of hormones and, due to hormones row bait and diuretic effect, such as the loss of Royal more, it should be noted that added electrolytes, in particular, make any more important.

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