About celiac plexus block

By | April 2, 2012

About celiac plexus block, celiac plexus celiac plexus block for the chemical solution to remove the intra-abdominal organs of the pain afferent nerve fibers. Plexus on the abdominal organs including the pancreas and transmission of harmful sensation that originated in a high level, including the large nerve (T5 ~ 1l), small nerves, the smallest splanchnic nerve (T12), all from the preganglionic nerve fibers.
These visceral nerves through the posterior mediastinum through the brain muscle feet into the abdominal cavity, and abdominal ganglia of about synaptic connections, with the final formation of this plexus. The number of abdominal ganglia 1-5, O.5-4.5cm in size between the T12-L1 to L2 in the middle vertebral body, located in front of both sides of the abdominal aorta, close to the root of celiac artery origin, towards the L1 cephalic vertebral body. From here, postganglionic nerve innervation of the issue of internal organs. The plexus also contain parasympathetic components.
About celiac plexus block, CPN is most commonly used pancreatic cancer pain, can be surgery, percutaneous and EUS method. The most common method is to use the path through the skin after X-ray or CT injection of ethanol to monitor implementation of CPN, and in recent years carried out EUS-CPN. Kappis 1914 from the initial surgery to create a CPN, there have been several studies 60 have been evaluated for its treatment of cancer pain.
1995 was a comprehensive analysis of 1145 cases of cancer pain patients (63% of pancreatic cancer), treatment with 90% of CPN can be partially or completely relieve the pain, as of death, there are still 70% – 90% pain relief, in some cases the efficacy of even more than 3 months. Another prospective study, Lillemoe and other 137 cases of unresectable pancreatic cancer for CPN, compared with the control group, after 2,4,6 months, pain was relieved.
About celiac plexus block, Polati X-ray and other percutaneous treatment of 24 patients with pancreatic cancer pain, CPN, CPN confirmed a significant reduction in the amount of pain medication, compared with analgesics alone, but also can significantly reduce drug side effects. Kawamata and other studies have shown that morphine alone and anti-inflammatory drugs compared to non-simplified categories, ePN Jiehe morphine, by improving the effectiveness of painkillers time, reduce the morphine dose and side effects, slow down the deterioration of quality of life in patients with pancreatic cancer.

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