World Health Organization cancer prevention

By | April 1, 2012

World Health Organization cancer prevention 1. Do not eat moldy food and their products. As peanut, soybean, rice, flour and other mold can produce aflatoxin, which is a town was as strong additional carcinogenic substances.
2. Eat less fat, smoked or made foods such as bacon, bacon, into meat, salted fish, fat pickled cabbage, crispy pickles, as these enterprises have Nitrosamine things plastic.
3. Do not drink, especially not to drink alcohol. Sprinkle in the production process because of carcinogenic substances, alcohol can directly stimulate the mouth, tongue, gastrointestinal mucosa, may be carcinogenic.
World Health Organization cancer prevention 4. Do not smoke. There are a variety of carcinogenic substances in smoke inhalation in the trachea and lungs, the proportion of residential air pollution risk is 5 times.
5. No contact or less contact with a large chimney soot, by its polluted air contains a small amount of carcinogenic substances.
6. Do not eat are pesticide-contaminated vegetables, fruit and other things, to fully wash before eating.
7. Can not use detergent to scrub dishes, tea or washing food, washing powder can promote cancer development.
8. Do not use toxic plastic film packaging of food, or serve food in toxic plastic products, because PVC is a carcinogen.
World Health Organization cancer prevention 9. Do not over-sun, due to strong sunlight in the ultraviolet, long drying effect on skin cancer.
10. Do not eat hot, tough, burnt or salty foods, do not drink hot water, because it can stimulate gastric epithelial cells, destruction of mucosal barrier function, giving an opportunity to exploit cancer.
11. At the same time drinking and smoking will greatly increase the chance of cancer.
12. Eat more fresh vegetables, food not too full, the control of meat food, weight not too heavy, thus reducing the occurrence of cancer.
World Health Organization cancer prevention 13. Do not always eat the possible carcinogenic substances such as hormones, drugs, high doses of vitamin E and so on. These drugs can reduce the person's immune function, to create opportunities for cancer incidence.

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