Woman attempting to live on nothing but water and sunlight for 6 months

By | June 7, 2013

A Seattle woman is attempting to live without food for six months -- planning to sustain herself on water and sunlight alone.

Navenna Shine is calling her experiment “Living on Light.”

“This is a paradigm for living in which we as human beings do not have to ingest any kind of food whatsoever into our stomachs in order to thrive,” Shine said.

Shine, 65, says her experiment is an attempt to follow an obscure group of yogis called The Breatharians, who for thousands of years have claimed they have the ability to live on light alone.

“At 'Living On Light' we propose that we have a nutritional source already embedded within our body/mind/spiritual systems that can give us exactly what we need to be healthy and well,” Shine wrote on her website. “Since we do not yet know exactly what that source is I am symbolically calling it Light.”

Thursday marked Shine’s 33rd day without food, although she has lost more than 20 pounds.

In order to verify that she is indeed sticking to the diet, Shine has placed several cameras throughout her house to keep a record of the experiment.  She also hopes to begin live-streaming her experience within the next few weeks.

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To follow Shine's updates, visit her Facebook page.

source : http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/06/07/woman-attempting-to-live-on-nothing-but-water-and-sunlight-for-6-months/

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