Whether the cancer is contagious?

By | December 2, 2011

Whether the cancer is contagious? This is a common concern, especially when a person with cancer after living with his family and friends, contact with close, very worried about what will happen on its own? Our answer to this question is yes, cancer is not infectious diseases, cancer will not be infected.
In medicine, infectious disease has yet to treat the cancer was listed as one of the areas of infectious diseases; in the hospital for cancer patients not to take quarantine measures. In real life we see clearly that cancer patients live in a different ward each other infection did not occur; all day with different health care workers in close contact with cancer patients, their chance of cancer is not higher than the average person; more is not saw the same period, the same area the incidence of cancer of the large-scale situation.
Whether the cancer is contagious? So, for the same time in a family has a few patients with liver cancer? A region in a relatively higher incidence of esophageal cancer, how to explain the phenomenon? Because liver cancer is often evolved from hepatitis B, which is called hepatitis B liver cirrhosis trilogy, that the incidence of liver cancer generally have a background of chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis B is contagious, and often no obvious early symptoms, and some even develop to cirrhosis, the liver was discovered. The high incidence of esophageal cancer in some areas, mainly with the region's traditional diet, living habits, such as the stimulation of long-term poor diet, eating moldy food, drinking water contained carcinogenic nitroso compounds in the water, glue and other factors.
In summary, cancer is contagious? Cancer is not contagious, for cancer patients in terms of both their families or colleagues, or accompanying cancer patients during visits, they need not worry too much, so I cancer patients to adverse psychological effects and mental stress.

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