What is the relationship of cancer and the environment

By | April 13, 2012

What is the relationship of cancer and the environment, research shows that more than 80% of human cancer and the environment. Closely related to the environment and human factors such as air, water, food, drugs, chemicals and other supplies.
In recent years, large amounts of data shows that smoking, certain occupational factors and air pollution is a major risk factor of lung cancer. Major cities in recent years the incidence of lung cancer is rising, which is obviously the rapid industrialization and development of urban traffic air pollution are closely related.
Research shows that urban air contains polycyclic aromatic: hydrocarbons carcinogens such as benzo and benzo with benefits and so on. Coal combustion is not fully discharged when the black smoke and automobile exhaust contain a certain amount of polycyclic aromatic: hydrocarbons. Widespread air induced lung cancer in asbestos fibers is also one of the reasons.
In addition, the air of volatile organic carcinogens such as benzene, chloroform and other dangers of more and more attention has been paid.
Potential cancer risk in drinking water pollutants include: microorganisms such as hepatitis B virus, closely related with the occurrence of liver cancer; solid particles mainly asbestos fibers, such as the concentration increased the likelihood of inducing cancer; carcinogenic organic compounds such as vinyl chloride , Benzene, trichloromethyl tunnels, etc. is due to water pollution caused by industrial waste, if not stopped, will cause serious choking hazards.
Sex hormone drugs, drugs with the monument, melted agents, immunosuppressive agents have not called the use of certain dangerous.
What is the relationship of cancer and the environment, certain everyday chemicals such as synthetic detergents, insecticides, pesticides have some degree of carcinogenic, so the use of harmless to humans and animals should be selected varieties.

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