What is a cancer gene

By | January 21, 2012

Name for the problem of cancer gene
What is a cancer gene?""Oncogene research on the matter are now probably some regret, that is to create a "cancer gene" that name.OncogeneOnc""Oncogene in English, said Oncogene,Oncin the Greek for "block" means.Oncogene the name for some issues it seems easy to be misunderstood.
What is a cancer gene?""Oncogene was first found in viruses from cancer, after cancer cells and from isolated, which it yielded to call a "cancer gene" that name.However, since in normal cells are also found after the prototype of cancer genes to cancer genes showed name for the far-fetched.Even after the worst of times, from humans, apes, birds, snakes, fish and flies in the not too found the cancer gene, the yeast bacteria actually not cancer, these fundamental biological genes were also found in the presence of cancer.People are beginning to wake, the so-called oncogene,Life is actually the most important body of the gene, from the simplest single-celled organisms to complex people who have cancer genes, and in this long billionOf years of evolution almost no change, which indicates that cancer genes are important genes, otherwise disappeared.This important gene somehow out of the question, so that their cells into cancer cells?""Destroy their own cancer genes seemed to be ad hoc time-bomb suicide, there are two words to summarize the questions, first, the cancer gene in normal cells, in some cases the prototype was "activation"hasbecome cancer-causing oncogene, and the other is the prototype of cancer genes function in the end what is the implementation.These two points are related to what the true colors of oncogene this issue, today,The world has thousands of researchers working to solve the mystery of the century.
Least bit of difference, hack away
rasrasrasrasras6453()TrasGGTras""Occurred in the spring of1982an exciting event is from human cancer cells successfully removed the cancer gene, but the smoke soon scattered Fei, because removal of the cancer gene in the mouse cancer virus oncogene ras, appeared shortly after to dawn onrasanalysis of the genetic code found in cancer cells and normal cells out of theras rasslightly different, and only one different sites,rasgene cipher No.6453(base) in normal cells is T, cancer cells removed from therasgene is G,TorGafter therasgene replaced by "activate", has become carcinogenic oncogenes.
"""""This one is just a cipher error occurred, but led to a fatal disaster, we have adopted in the previous "point a sudden variation of" Three Character Classic analogy with what is "the beginning of the good people," rewritten into "people of the end Sex"rasGood. "This is a small change led to the birth of cancer cells. And after the study found,rasgene mutation in a well.
What is a cancer gene?DNATG48ras6453TGAnimal experiments also prove this point, and ah ammonium nitrate with a very similar chemical carcinogens – nitrosourea strong female rats to do intravenous injection, only one dose to cause a cancer, nitrosourea can specifically attackDNAin the T, so that a point mutation and become G, Baba the U.S. National Cancer Institute led to West Germany in this way,48mice of breast cancer, and all of the6453nucleotide ofrasgene fromTinto a G, it seems there's "point of a sudden mutation" is really bad of dollars, PCT hack away.

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