What is a brain stem tumor?

By | October 24, 2011

What is a brain stem tumor means a place in the midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata of the tumor. Department of glioblastoma tumors and malignant astrocytoma, is the brain stem of the common diseases, accounting for 1.4% of tumors in Yen. The disease occurs in adolescents and children, the incidence of the age of 20 accounted for 62.5%, especially 5 – 9 years of age the highest incidence of children, men slightly more than women, the ratio is 3:2, and radiation, viruses, chemicals, injuries and other factors.
Western medicine mainly on radiation therapy of the disease, is still carried out in recent years, targeted micro CT laser surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other methods.
The disease belongs to Chinese medicine, headache, thin card, stroke and other areas, and its pathogenesis is preferable Sunburn tie, brand damage the stomach, spleen Health and wet, phlegm stagnation, phlegm brackets each knot, the block polymer formed, blocking the brain network, or prime liver and kidney, liver yang due to wind on the disturbance orifices.
What is a brain stem tumor, clinical manifestations:
Symptoms of brain stem tumors can be divided into two types of general symptoms and focal symptoms. After the general symptoms of occipital headache is a common, children are often personality changes, many patients associated with dysuria. Increased intracranial pressure often is not the first symptom, often the first to appear for cross-paralysis of cranial nerve palsy or multiple combined pyramidal tract damage, with different parts of the tumor, focal symptoms of its own characteristics, as described symptoms of clinical orientation is as follows:
(1) in brain tumors: Early symptoms of increased intracranial pressure can occur, but also the first symptom for the spiritual and intellectual change. Often show are:
oculomotor hemiplegia syndrome in a cross, Weher syndrome, appears ill side oculomotor palsy, contralateral upper and lower limbs and face, tongue muscle central paralysis.
quadrigeminal syndrome – Parrnaud syndrome characterized by drooping eyelids, depending on the paralysis, hit holes fixed, light reflex, convergence can not wait.
Benedikt syndrome characterized by deafness, disease side of the oculomotor nerve palsy, contralateral limb muscle tension increased, tremor.
What is a brain stem tumor (2) Bridge of brain tumors: more than half of the total brain stem tumor, more common in children. Early childhood often diplopia, easy to stumble and fall as the first symptom is usually an adult F dizziness, ataxia as the first symptom. 90% of patients may present symptoms of cranial nerve palsy, 40% of the patients outside the abducens nerve palsy as the first symptom, occur with tumor development in the second trigeminal facial nerve damage and limb motor and sensory disorders, often manifestations of cerebral hemi MillardGubler syndrome eleven bridge damage , including cross-facial nerve paralysis, if lesions in the pons and lower bias side, the disease to live around the side of facial paralysis with contralateral hemiplegia.
(3) medullary cancer: the first symptom often vomiting, the patient may have different degrees of dizziness, headache, and earlier onset of lower cranial nerve palsy symptoms, such as swallowing difficulties, Lan Pu cough, nasal speech, can not wait Shenshe . Sharp Main wail of tumor, the symptoms appeared true palsy group, is also the Deputy side of the limb movement, sensory impairment and varying degrees of alarm Nan paraplegia, early disease may have irregular breathing, Qi dark tick is difficulty in breathing or failure, damage often show clinical common are:
hypoglossal nerve cross-Zhong: (Jackson) syndrome.
swallowing, vagal to CAvellis) consolidated the rule of sign.
Schmidt syndrome side of the IX-VH bust cranial nerve palsy and contralateral side, dorsolateral medullary syndrome.

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