What are the symptoms of advanced gastric cancer

By | December 4, 2011

Common symptoms of advanced gastric cancer tumor growth due to location, type, size, duration of morning and evening, with or without complications or metastatic disease and other conditions vary. Most patients early in the course of the disease can be no symptoms. When the cancer development expanded, especially in the invasion and pancreatic invasion through serosa when persistent severe pain may occur to the back of radiation. The absorption of toxins cancer patients can more weight loss, fatigue, anemia, left supraclavicular lymph nodes, chest or bloody ascites, hepatomegaly, pathological fracture, the final performance of evil LC.
Cancer when they grow up, there may be obstructive symptoms, or gastric cardia cancer caused by swallowing difficulties, symptoms of pyloric obstruction caused by gastric cancer, but also palpable abdominal mass. Ulcers formed on the surface of cancer, then there hematemesis and melena. As for the appearance of metastases and ascites, is a typical example of advanced gastric cancer. Mainly as follows:
Common symptoms of advanced gastric cancer 1. Stomach pain, the Ministry of the main parts of the pit of the stomach, and sometimes only upper abdominal discomfort or pain. The pain is more typical pain and no law, no relief food.
Gastric cancer with advanced common symptoms 2. loss of appetite, loss of appetite, with weight loss, gradual weight loss, or fullness after eating, belching, dislike of meat, are more common form of gastric cancer.
3 common symptoms of advanced gastric cancer. Nausea and vomiting as most of the Ministry of gastric cancer in the pyloric antrum, it is quite common symptoms of pyloric obstruction. Not typical of early obstruction can cause a sense of expansion after eating, mild nausea, nausea and so on, typical mechanical pyloric obstruction is caused by gastric distension and vomiting. Vomit mostly stays in the stomach too long Gesu food, so the sour smell of corruption. Obstructive diffuse gastric cancer often without vomiting.
Common symptoms of advanced gastric cancer 4. Upper gastrointestinal bleeding can occur early gastric bleeding, it usually presents tarry. Large amount of advanced gastric bleeding, if associated with pyloric obstruction, often mixed in the vomit brown or dark red blood. Fecal occult blood test was positive.
5 common symptoms of advanced gastric cancer. Other symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, fever, edema, systemic failure. Tumor rupture, or cause stomach perforation, there may be bleeding, peritonitis and other complications.

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