What are the indications of tumor surgery

By | April 16, 2012

Surgery is for the purposes of solid tumors. The biological characteristics of the tumor is different in different stages, surgical treatment can be applied, and only a part of solid tumors. Usually think: I must be positive on the tumor surgery, the surgery effect, and longer survival.
In recent years, the modern concept of the formation of tumor surgery, various treatment methods are constantly emerging, integrated treatment of continuous improvement and improved, making the malignant tumor of the surgical indications continue to expand, mainly in the following areas:
1. Age of malignant tumors is no longer an absolute contraindication to treatment, as long as the general situation is better in patients with heart, lung, liver, kidney and other vital organs functioning properly, can be treated through surgery.
2. To carry out comprehensive treatment of the part III or VI of the patients returned to the surgery group. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other comprehensive treatment of a wide range of applications, so that part of reducing the size of primary tumors in patients, some of subclinical metastases can be eliminated, metastases to regional lymph node control, re-operation of the primary tumor surgery treatment, improved surgical resection and long-term survival rate.
3. Palliative cancer surgery is a good comprehensive treatment of other conditions. As noted above, malignant tumors have been difficult to carry out the late radical surgery, the implementation of a variety of palliative surgery can reduce tumor volume, the lifting of the tumor repression, relief of obstruction and other methods to improve the general condition of patients to provide nutritional security to prevent complications occurred to create the conditions for the comprehensive treatment of the other.
4. Metastatic tumor surgery and more attention. The transfer of vital organs is an important cause of death in patients with one of the reasons, timely and effective surgical treatment can prolong life and provide other opportunities for comprehensive treatment.
5. Residual cancer and recurrence of cancer, then surgery is an element of the expanded indications for surgery. In recent years, due to further deepen the understanding of cancer, so that the scope of operation to expand and shrink in two directions. Although surgery reduced the scope of the function makes the organ to be retained to maximize, but also the incidence of residual cancer has increased, the pathology confirmed residual cancer cells or tumor tissue, the cancer surgery is still considered as the first treatment. For some cancer recurrence after surgery, if we can discover, consider those who can still cut, but also should be actively treated by surgery.
The surgical indications of tumor 6. reconstruction and rehabilitation surgery has become an important part of cancer surgery. Cancer patients with prolonged survival and improve quality of life of the patient's immediate requirements, but also become the efficacy of cancer treatment and to determine the important criteria. To this end, a variety of reconstructive surgery has become an important part of cancer surgery, such as the laryngeal reconstruction after the throat, tongue reconstruction after resection of tongue cancer, penile cancer, penile reconstruction, limb salvage limb tumor surgery, postoperative breast cancer breast reconstruction and so on. Recovery operation is mainly the function of the body in order to improve the method used.

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