Typical symptoms of advanced esophageal cancer

By | January 19, 2012

Typical symptoms of advanced esophageal cancer
1. Substernal or back pain, shoulder pain continuing between the liver, often prompt invasion of esophageal cancer has been out, causing inflammation around the esophagus, mediastinal inflammation, pain caused by esophageal cancer may also be caused by deep ulcers; or obligations under the door of thoracic tumor pain can be located on the abdomen.
2. Swallowing difficulties can start often intermittent or partial obstruction due to edema of food increased, but also because of the tumor necrosis and reduce the inflammation subsided. But the overall trend there was sustained and progressive increase, significant swallowing difficulties, such as when the tumor involving the esophagus often has been around 2 / 3 or more. With narrow-and medullary-type esophageal cancer, its more severe swallowing difficulties. About 10% of patients, even though to the middle and late swallowing difficulties may be no obvious symptoms.
3. esophageal cancer in the late performance of typical reflux symptoms of frequent vomiting mucus mucus can be mixed with food, blood, etc. can also be caused by reflux, choking, or even aspiration pneumonia.
4. Other tumor compression of recurrent laryngeal nerve can cause hoarseness; violations of it can cause phrenic nerve inverse; compression of the trachea or bronchus can cause shortness of breath or dry cough. Concurrent esophageal – tracheal or esophageal – thin or bronchial tumor in the upper esophagus, the swallowing of food may occur from time to time difficulty in breathing or coughing; tumor invasion of large blood vessels, especially the thoracic aorta causing fatal bleeding.
5. Esophageal cancer in the advanced status of typical symptoms in patients with advanced systemic problems caused by the consumption, the deterioration of the nutritional status of the patient, there may be weight loss, anemia, malnutrition, dehydration or cachexia, when the tumor had peritoneal metastasis, may have a lot of ascites.
Based on the above clinical symptoms of esophageal cancer drugs commonly used
(1) San esophageal level : Jiangni vomiting, Ditan detoxification, Liangge consumer product, pain relief, tumor suppressor cancer and prolong life. For cancer, cardiac, cardiac spasm, esophageal stricture obstruction. The main clinical use in advanced esophageal cancer of the esophagus causing discomfort, dysphagia, dripping high, choking belch, anti-saliva and various esophageal disorders, can also be used for radiotherapy and chemotherapy with treatment;
(2) ZXC : clearing and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, Phlegm Sanjie role for the license pool is phlegm, toxic heat Accumulation of esophageal cancer patients with radiotherapy have synergistic effect;
(3) anti-cancer pill level : detoxification, Sanyu pain. Stasis Yongzhi for hot drug caused the stomach, esophagus, cardia, cancer and other gastrointestinal tumors.

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