The food is apt to cause cancer

By | October 21, 2011

Currently the incidence of cancer in the world rise, especially in Asia increased incidence of cancer was more obvious reason, in addition to the economic development of the environmental pollution, diet of the West of the important factors. A few days ago, the Ministry of Health announced the 2006 urban and rural residents in China leading cause of death statistics, showing that the cancer has become China's leading cause of death. In 2006, China was 2.2 million new patients of cancer, the death toll nearly 180 million. Compared to 2005, urban residents and rural residents, respectively, incidence and mortality of malignant tumors increased by 18.6% and 23.1%, the rate of increase is very alarming.
Highly developed cancer in the Yixue today, although not incurable, but it is also difficult to treat disease, because we have to admit, receive only a small number of patients cured of cancer, and cancer, most of them belong to one, the second phase of patients with early, so early detection of cancer, early diagnosis is very important. But more important is the prevention, experts point out that about three percent of cancers can be prevented, because bad habits are the main cause of cancer, such as smoking, delicious fried foods, lack of exercise can induce tumors. Induced cancer and eat junk food, eat food should have anti-cancer effects in everyday life is the first step in preventing cancer, what foods are apt to cause cancer.
The food is apt to cause cancer, in order to prevent cancer, eat first or else smoked, grilled and moldy food, because these foods contain more cancer-causing substances, such as nitrite rubber, styrene-mao Fang; strange kind of thing, etc.; and mildew aflatoxin containing peanuts and rice after eating prone to esophageal cancer, gastric cancer , because of the nose at cancer, liver cancer and so on.
Easily lead to cancer foods, high fat diet may affect hormone secretion, the breast, uterus, prostate, testicular cancer and other cancerous, in order to break down excess fat, the body will secrete large amounts of acid, and the role of the primary acid easy, and anaerobes to produce cancer-causing substances, so we have to structure your diet to reduce fat Kyrgyzstan intake.
The food is apt to cause cancer, a large number of those who eat fast food, the incidence of cancer than people who completely do not eat fast food more than 3 times higher. This is because the oil attached to the food above the role of the light and oxygen, will produce harmful carcinogens in the acidification of the body. A large number of people susceptible to cancer, canned fish, canned fish, mainly in the residual oil in the carcinogenic effect, so we canned fish, you must remove the fat floating on the surface.
If you drink, drink two cups daily limit men and women drink limit. If you eat meat, the daily intake of red meat should be less than 80 grams of fat and oil energy should not exceed 30% of total energy intake. In order to prevent cancer, to reduce cooking salt. Room temperature for too long not to eat the food, because food is easily mycotoxin contamination. Do not eat the food in the refrigerator to avoid spoilage. Do not eat or eat less salt, fat food, and food, including the facilities made of meat, fish, poultry, eggs and vegetables, such as bacon, ham, sausage, salt and fat manufacturing a variety of pickles pickles. Crisp food because the system can easily lead to strong carcinogens nitrite glue chemicals. If we eat these foods after a certain amount, it may cause digestive tract cancer. Therefore, in order to prevent cancer, care for their own lives, we should easily lead to deprivation of these tumors food.

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