The clinical manifestations of esophageal cancer

By | May 7, 2012

The clinical manifestations of esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer nearly 20 years in the high incidence of cases of early esophageal cancer studies show that about 90% of patients in early esophageal cancer and different stages of a certain degree of symptoms, mainly for chest pain , friction, burning or pain and the sense of food or foreign body through the sense of stagnation and so on. These symptoms began as intermittent, and its interval of varying duration, often repeated over several months, 1 to 2 years or more, and then gradually increase or change in nature, and gradually a regular; but still only in swallowing food , especially when swallowing rough food, and in the non-eating is no such feeling. Early symptoms of esophageal cancer may be due to esophageal spasm, or inflammation caused by infiltration, so the more aggravated when swallowing food.
Swallowing difficulties are typical symptoms of esophageal cancer, about 90% of patients with advanced symptoms of this. The clinical manifestations of esophageal cancer, swallowing difficulties at the beginning is often intermittent, only when you eat hard food is more significant, but gradually becomes continuous and progressive.
Esophageal cancer is another common symptom of spittle-like mucus, especially in severe cases, a significant obstruction. Other common symptoms of food regurgitation and belching.
Persistent dull pain chest or back is often symptoms of advanced esophageal cancer, generally due to inflammation around the esophagus, mediastinal inflammation or tumor caused severe local foreign invasion, and sometimes it is the performance of esophageal ulcer.
The clinical manifestations of esophageal cancer. With the development of disease and other symptoms of swallowing difficulties and aggravation of the general nutritional status of the patient gradually deteriorated, weight loss, dehydration, constipation, weakness and so also will occur or increase. To the end of the course of the disease, cachexia was significantly increased, and often appear distant metastasis, and other deadly complications.

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