Symptoms of infection and cholangiocarcinoma

By | May 5, 2012

Cholangiocarcinoma and symptoms of infection, the following diseases for the population at risk of biliary tract cancer:
(1), primary sclerosing cholangitis.
(2) common bile duct cyst.
(3) gallstone
According to statistics, the gallbladder are associated with the vast majority of patients with gallbladder stones, suggesting that the incidence of stones is the incentive. Most of the time history of gallstone disease in more than 10 years. Therefore, patients with gallbladder stones, should try to remove hidden dangers, for surgery. Gallstone lead to bile stasis, infection and stimulation is an important reason.
(4), gallbladder polyps
Two sub-malignant and benign and malignant polyps is the gallbladder, in gastrointestinal cancer is the fifth most common malignancy is the most common malignant biliary system. Benign polyp was divided into two kinds of true and false, pseudo polyps and inflammatory polyps attached to cholesterol in the gallbladder wall crystallization. Adenomatous polyps are the most common benign tumors Aibian possible. Benign polyps and malignant polyps is difficult to distinguish clinically. B-type ultrasonic diagnosis of gallbladder polyps is the best way. For young people, polyps <1crn and generally without surgery. If polyps> 1crn, especially the elderly, should be surgical treatment to prevent future trouble. Bile duct cancer is a very sinister cancer , no obvious early symptoms until definitive diagnosis often is not very early. Therefore, early warning signals to be attached to it. Common signal is as follows:
Bile duct infection and symptoms (a) abdominal discomfort
Such as indigestion, anorexia, loss of appetite, feelings of fullness after meals, pain and fatigue, often mistaken for a "stomach" were not attached to, or as the stomach due to delays in treatment may lead to illness.
(B) of the yellow plague
Huang disease appears, often mistaken for "hepatitis", failed to obtain timely treatment. Known as the "yellow plague obstructive." Therefore, each of the patients with obstructive disease should be thought of yellow bile duct cancer, as relevant inspection.
(C) pain, abdominal pain irregular, and some similar cholecystitis episodes, some of persistent pain, when light weight.
All of the above warning signs, should be timely to go to hospital for examination, do not delay. According to the doctor checked the main recommendations of various inspection methods: blood biochemical examination; super; liver, gallbladder, limb scan. limb when necessary for magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP), CT, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography family (ERCP) and other tests; check tumor markers: tumor marker CA19-9 in the almost 100% higher in early diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma helpful.
Biliary tract cancer, the only effective treatment is early surgery, all other treatments are palliative. Unfortunately, the effect of surgical treatment is unsatisfactory, mainly due to a clear diagnosis, most had not earlier.
(A) of the periodic health examination
At least once a year, the serum tumor markers, a good reference.
Bile duct infection and symptoms (b) timely medical treatment
Abdominal discomfort or the early warning symptoms should go to hospital for examination, before the diagnosis is not clear, do not blind medication, to avoid delay in diagnosis and treatment.

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