Susceptible of ovarian cancer

By | May 2, 2012

Susceptible population of ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer early symptoms are nonspecific, until the obvious exceptions, such as: abdominal mass, ascites, urine abnormalities, anemia, when medical treatment is already the most advanced ovarian cancer, advanced ovarian cancer survival 3 years rate is only about 30%. Therefore, regular gynecological examinations to detect early ovarian cancer is the only effective way, while, in the event of ovarian cancer, the so-called "triad" that women over 40 years of age, abdominal distention, abdominal pain, and menstrual changes necessary to attach great importance to for young women with ovarian masses timely treatment can not be taken lightly, a thorough check on the early detection of ovarian cancer will undoubtedly be helpful.
(A) genetic factors
20% -25% of ovarian cancer family history, mother or sister in women with ovarian cancer risk of ovarian cancer than women without such a history is 18 times higher.
(B) economic conditions
Developed countries, the incidence was significantly higher than developing countries, the senior class and professional women, more common, and low economic status of women rare.
(C) reproductive history
Infertile women susceptible to ovarian cancer, with an increase in the number of baby vibration, the risk of ovarian cancer decreased. There have been reports of foreign experts: not fertile women the risk of ovarian cancer than birth or 4 times 4 times 4 times more than women, the main reason for the baby of the ovary does not ovulate vibration has a protective effect on the ovary.
(D) Long-term endocrine factors in women taking oral contraceptives, the incidence of ovarian cancer than nonusers, women taking the longer, the greater the protective effect against ovarian, stop taking birth control pills may still protected, and this is due to stop ovulation and reduce the damage to ovarian epithelial ovarian cancer decreased.
Ovarian cancer susceptible (v) environmental factors
Ovarian cancer incidence highest in the developed countries is 3-5 times that in developing countries, women in developing countries migrate to developed countries, the incidence of ovarian cancer, which may also rise and industrial environment.

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