Rehabilitation care after gastric cancer surgery

By | January 19, 2012

Gastric cancer patients after surgery, the digestion and absorption has changed. If you can make a corresponding adjustment in the diet, so that patients can still get proper nutrition, and gradually return to health. In terms of nutritional supplements and supplies must be given special care, because not only relates to the overall nutritional health, but also affect postoperative recovery.
After gastric cancer surgery rehabilitation care, advanced cancer treatment must be accompanied by supportive therapy to maintain the quality of life. Many doctors concerned about the application of anti-tumor scientific knowledge, but forget the emotional and psychological support is equally important. Without such support, advanced treatment methods may not reach the best therapeutic effect. Oncologists should be implemented not only the highest quality cancer treatment, but also the lifestyle diseases, the impact of each patient to help patients return to normal or near normal life. Simply ask "how are you feeling about the patient" is irresponsible not to assess the quality of life of cancer patients an effective way. Can be said to have started the human diet.
Chinese anti-cancer therapeutic, is based on the traditional food therapy, Chinese medicine to theory, with certain anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect of the phase compatibility of food and some medicine, and unique food cooking techniques, to produce with a certain color, flavor and shape of food, used in cancer patients, which formed a unique anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine regimen. Gastric surgery rehabilitation care, Chinese medicine basic theory of TCM diet consistent with the basic concepts in the following areas:
1. Conditioning nutrition: the spirit of "filling in the empty" "actually crash the" "to heat the cold," "to cool the heat";
2. Man Corresponding Nutrition Concept: Ancient China and physicians to recognize the nature of eating the body of the physiological and pathological implications. In view of the whole under the guidance of nutrition, the use of food to achieve the tonic, diarrhea fact, the purpose of adjustment of yin and yang;
3. Food and Drug one: Medicinal and Edible, the performance of food and drugs have the same shape, color, air, taste, quality and other characteristics. Therefore, the use of food or medicine (and) drug for nutrition and health care, or treatment and rehabilitation of the situation is extremely common. Food and drug use, mainly based on the application chosen by the Food and Drug theoretical guidance for the same, that is, the Food and Drug empathy.
Rehabilitation care after gastric cancer surgery, cancer patients must not only for the treatment of their disease, but also must address their social and psychological needs. If the treatment of cancer doctors can better forecast and monitor the quality of life of patients with the disease process, it is possible to avoid the use of large doses of toxic drugs, or even reduce surgical or hospitalization.

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