Psychological Diagnosis of cancer patients

By | April 21, 2012

Psychological diagnosis of cancer patients is the use of psychological methods and techniques to assess the patient's psychological and behavioral characteristics, determine the nature and extent of the disease process to help clinical diagnosis. Commonly used methods of psychological diagnosis of the case law, the conversation, observation and test method.
Cancer is a psychosomatic illness, psychological and social factors in its occurrence and development plays a very important role. Clinically, found that almost all cancer patients have different degrees of psychological problems and obstacles. These serious psychological problems and disorders affect the quality of life of patients, clinical treatment and prognosis. Therefore, as the Journal of Clinical Oncology workers, understand and have some psychological diagnostic methods and techniques for correctly grasp the patient's personality traits, identify a variety of negative emotions and their causes, and further take effective measures to be treated, are very necessary.
Psychological diagnosis of cancer patients should pay attention to the question:
1. Establish a coordinated relationship with the patient of cancer patients in a bad mood, and paranoid, feeling vulnerable. Therefore, in order to collect enough to truly reflect the psychological characteristics of the patients, and patients must first establish a good relationship, eliminating the various concerns of patients to obtain the patient's cooperation. Whether to take any diagnosis, the patient should be concerned that he is in and help. And patients in the art of conversation to pay attention, do not directly say they want to understand his psychological problems, because from now, most people regard mental illness equated with psychological problems, psychological problems so there is a mention of emotional aversion. Some people do not want other people consider themselves vulnerable on the surface appeared to be very strong, but do not want to expose the inner world of others. In these cases, as can clever language, obtain the patient's trust, for the patient to grasp the true psychological, is helpful.
Psychological diagnosis of cancer patients, 2. Select the appropriate tool for psychological tests of people's mental activity is very complex, very difficult to get results through direct measurements, they are often measured by indirect methods. In practice, the use of questionnaires or scales to understand a particular aspect of mental activity. There are many scales used in psychological tests, but the scale should be noted that any test has its purpose and meet the range of applications in use should be carefully selected, special attention can not easily scale for the preparation of psychological tests, if necessary to do reliability and validity, in line with the standard before use.

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