Prevention of complications after radiotherapy

By | December 29, 2011

Radiation is radiation therapy, refers to radiation to eliminate foci. Radiotherapy as an important means of treatment of malignant tumors, for many cancers can produce better results. But will produce radioactive radiation dermatitis, radiation esophagitis, and loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, and many other side effects, with the use of Chinese medicine and chemotherapy treatment, not only can effectively eliminate these side effects, but also increase the radiosensitivity of cancer cells to help radiation kill cancer cells completely.
Prevention of complications after radiotherapy, in general, experienced practitioners under the guidance of radiotherapy, patients receive formal radiation therapy less serious complications and adverse reactions, but sometimes different from individual to individual needs or conditions to increase the radiation dose or expand the radiation area, the generation can cause side effects. Radiotherapy for primary lung cancer is a common complication of varying degrees of radiation-induced skin damage, radiation esophagitis, radiation pneumonitis and radiation heart damage, and mortar cells and thrombocytopenia or loss of appetite, loss of appetite, fatigue and so on.
More than mild systemic reaction, by increasing the rest, improved nutrition and other methods to overcome. Prevention of complications after radiotherapy, radiation-induced skin damage should be noted that the local scrub clean but not too much, try to avoid local skin damage, once the damage, to make the wound clean and dry, to avoid local infection. Esophagitis often appears sore throat, burning sensation eating, to avoid eating hard foods, preferably fresh or semi-liquid food flows, but also service a number of mucosal protective agent such as smecta. Should be checked weekly during radiotherapy to monitor the acetabular blood cells and platelets. The radiation reaction is often soon after the end of radiotherapy with ease.Prevention of complications after radiation therapy, radiation pneumonitis is the radiation field within the lung tissue damage caused by inflammation, can occur in 3'"'-' 4 weeks after radiotherapy, can also be seen in the 3'"'-' 6 months. Mainly as dry cough, apnea, fever, infection occurs when high fever, followed by a partial pulmonary fibrosis, the degree varies, the side currently no effective means of control. Taking adrenal glucocorticoid known as pulmonary fibrosis may slow down the process.

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