Pancreatic cancer check what should be done

By | December 23, 2011

Now that the improvement of people's living standard, people's diet and lifestyle changes, resulting in accelerated acidification of the body, the body caused by acidic metabolic cycle of the slow, weak activity of normal cells, cell hypoxia, can cause organ lesions, caused by endocrine imbalance, the formation of pancreatitis, or pancreatic duct hyperplasia and other chronic diseases. Acidification of body fluids leads to cell decline in dissolved oxygen, current reduced to 65% of normal, it will lead to cell death, while at the survival of cells change their chromosomes, which become cancerous.
Check a pancreatic cancer, serum series of chemical checks
(1) blood and urine amylase, blood glucose and oral glucose tolerance test: pancreatic cancer but can also cause blood amylase increased, mostly due to the secondary pancreatitis.
(2) liver function: As the bile duct obstruction, bile marks can cause liver dysfunction. In general, this will be with liver dysfunction and biliary obstruction to lift the better. Transaminase determination of the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer makes sense.
(3) Pancreatic exocrine function tests: determination of aspiration of pancreatic juice volume, amylase, protease.
(4) others such as no significant specific enzymes inspection.
Check the two pancreatic cancer, tumor markers, pancreatic cancer is not specific
(1), carcinoembryonic antigen: CEA for the prognosis of patients estimated to be some significance
(2) pancreatic embryonic antigens: effect of treatment of pancreatic cancer can be monitored. In general, decreased after surgery, relapse increased.
(3) CA19-9: on the determination of the sensitivity of diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is higher, up to 80%.
(4) pancreatic cancer-specific antigen: more false positives. Different times because of pancreatic cancer antigen, enzyme changes, often require a variety of detection in combination.
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