Nursing patients with gastric cancer radiotherapy

By | May 7, 2012

Radiotherapy in patients with gastric cancer care (a) systemic reaction
Collapse of the tumor, toxins are absorbed in 1-2 hours or days after exposure, patients systemic reactions can occur. Manifested as weakness, fatigue, dizziness, headache, anorexia, individual nausea, vomiting, especially in heavy large response after irradiation.
Care measures:
1. Should not eat before irradiation to prevent the formation of conditioned anorexia.
2. Irradiation completely supine rest for 30 minutes.
3. Into the light diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, and to encourage the water to promote the removal of toxins.
4. To participate in recreational activities or to practice qigong group, to divert attention. In addition, check the blood 1 week, when the WBC dropped to 4.0 X 109 / L, platelets decreased to 80X109 / L or less, to be a rise of blood drugs. Such as decreased blood temporarily radiotherapy.
Gastric cancer patients with radiotherapy treatment (b) of the skin reaction
The amount of radiation tolerance of the skin with the use of radioactive sources, size and location on irradiation. Treatment of 60 drilling machines and linear accelerators and high energy X- ray penetration, the skin by a small amount of reaction to light; X ray treatment machine produced by low energy X ray and electron beam accelerator induced by the large amount of skin reaction weight. Skin reactions is divided into three degrees:
I degree of reaction: erythema, a burning and itching feeling, to irradiation by the bright red skin, fade to dark red, after a scaling, said dry response.
Grade reaction: a high degree of congestion, edema, blister formation, there is exudate, erosion, said the wet reaction.
degree of reaction: the formation of ulcers or necrosis, invasion to the dermis, resulting in radiation injury is difficult to heal. A few days after radiation exposure or more parts, there may be skin atrophy, telangiectasia, lymphatic drainage barrier, edema, and dark brown spots, pigmentation, called the late response.
Radiation field of skin protection measures:
1. Underwear should be soft, large, strong hygroscopicity.
2. Not to tear skin scaling of stripping.
3. In the dry reaction at the lesion can be coated with starch or 0.2%, lanolin itching mint; in wet lesions at the reaction can be coated with gentian violet or hydrocortisone, exposed wound, if blisters form, painted sheds acid ointment dressing 1-2 days until the exudate absorption, re-exposure therapy.
Radiotherapy in patients with gastric cancer care (c) esophagitis
Esophageal mucosa after irradiation, there may be congestion, edema and inflammation, the increase of esophageal obstruction, resulting in swallowing difficulties, pain, mucus increased. It received chemotherapy of gastric cancer patients should maintain a clean mouth and esophagus, drink warm water after each meal the esophagus, the stomach of a high degree of obstruction to be made thin line or intravenous hyperalimentation.
Radiotherapy in patients with gastric cancer care (d) Radioactive myelitis
Spinal cord after exposure to higher doses of spinal cord injury occurred in the radiotherapy several months to several years after the start. Showed progressive, ascending hypesthesia walking or discreet fatigue, a sense of down time as electric shock, and gradually developed into a limb movement disorder, hyperreflexia, convulsions, and even paralysis. Preventive measures are required in the treatment given to a lot of vitamin B family of neurotrophic drugs, hormones and vasodilator, with acupuncture, Chinese medicine treatment.

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